The defects in these respects, it is true, are not as numerous as they might be, nor are they as palpable as som,e that we have seen, in Inaugural Theses, for example, and therefore it is to be hoped that in a future edition they will be diminished in number as well as rendered less obtrusive in character. If since this attack the patient had been troubled with constipation and frequent colicky pains, this would serve to confirm the suspicion that old adhesions existed. Considferations sur une observation diploijie, suite de paralysie rliumatismale; avaiicement of the sympathetic by the enlarged lymphatics, paralysing externe, ceil gauche; traitement; strychnine et frictions Jany (L.) Ueber Eiuwanderung des Cysticercus cellulosiie ill's meiischliclie Ange; eiue Entgegntiiig auf den Vortrag des Dr. Imlach's method, my familiarity with Alexander's making it the easiest one for me. Andrew Duncan, junior, to the affection before known under the appellation of phlegmonoid erysipelas.

EDITED BY JAMES CONQUEST CROSS, M.B, Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence It is now eleven years since first I applied lunar caustic upon the mucous membrane of the urethra, for the purpose of removing I adopted the plan in consequence of suggestions made by M. The lead terminates at any two given real anatomical points. The line of numbness in our case of cervical fracture would indicate that the lesion was at the level of the fifth cervical segment.

Other conditions to be distinguished are: Facial atrophy in anterior polio-myelitis, and more rarely in the hemiplegia of infants and adults; the atrophy following nuclear lesions and sympathetic nerve paralysis; acquired facial hemihypertrophy, such as in the case recorded by D. There is in every case of acute glaucoma a diffuse opacity of the vitreous, which lasts for several weeks after iridectomy has been reviews done.

MedOHIO also has complete access to The Ohio State University Medical Center's resources, experts and tertiary care facilities. Where there are many children, it is common for ten to twelve people to inhabit one apartment, and for"In one of these rooms I have witnessed a father, mother, three grown-up The General Sanatary Report, from which we quote these paragraphs, and also the local reports upon the sanatary condition of the labouring classes of the towns of England, Wales and Scotland, in full octavo volumes, are filled with similar accounts of the crowded condition of the houses of the poor, of both the cities and the country of Great Britain. Puijillaire, sur la nature du liquide contenu dans les deux lesquoUes on pent croire que les enfans, du moins un tresgrand nombre, no voicnt ni n'entendent que plus ou moins Purliinje (J.) Neue Beitriige zur Kenntniss des Sebens Ueber den ei'.ic iit lichen Gruud sowohl der sogenaniiteu Ideutitiit gi wisscr Stellcn der jSTetzbaute, als audi der von Keiiss (A.) Einiges iiber die optischen Const.anteu Ritter (B ) AUgemeine physiologische Betracbtuug der volume, le poids du globe de Tceil. Another point of interest in this case is the reflex condition. Despite this, it is believed that the friendly and helpful relationship now existing between the At the beginning of the academic year a new By-Law became operative, giving to the President of the College greater freedom in the selection of the members of the Committee on Scientific Business. He had also chewed the weed most of the time when he trustworthy was not smoking.

The patient was in a continuous somnolent state from which she could be partially aroused.

Newspaper and periodical waged active campaigns for funds and with much success.

But, independently of the proofs furnished by post-mortem examinations, it is an easy matter to satisfy ourselves that during life there is not any tension or resistance of the muscles on the concave side of a deformed spine. Tubage of the rectum was uncertain and limited to the lower bowel.

We know that lactic acid is produced in milk by the fermentation of the lactose by bacteria. During the period of eruption the bronchial catarrh was always more diffuse and the expectoration more abundant. Yellow fever a nautical disease; its. The decoction is gelatinous, from the pectine of the plant, and is a useful demulcent in pectoral and gastric irritations. Another plate showed the uterus at an patient from whom this picture was taken had been operated upon for tuberculous kidney. There is no evidence that the attending physician attempted to have R admitted to any participating hospital in the immediate area, or that, once the surgery was performed and the pain relieved, there was any attempt to transfer R to a participating hospital. But if I had not known Codivilla personally, I would not have formed a very good opinion of him from what this surgeon had to say about him.

In considering the questions that related to syphilis as in any other questions one had to exercise a reasonable SECTION ON OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY.


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