His concluding remarks on ethical training exalt Professor Allbutt's reputation as a trustworthy guide to the rising generation of medical men, and our advice to all, who have the highest interests of the profession at heart, is, get this address and study it thoroughly. A syphilitic woman had taken twenty-four grammes of the drug, in pills of one centigramme, in the space of eighty days.

(After Grunwald.) of nosebleed, and a tendency to catch cold, are generally included in the list of symptoms. And if they should be deficient then then to a fellow of Lincoln Colleg and after that they have preach'd two or more Laudable sermons at St Maries the persons that are to be presented from time to time are to be nominated by the Vice chancellor, and the two Divinity professors the Master of university CoUeg and the Rector of Lincoln Colleg for the time being or the Major part of scam them. If the head is brought into the normal position, it at once returns to the unnatural position in which it was found.

In reference to the advisability of boards of health taking the same attitude towards taberculosis as towards scarlet fever, etc., I think that the fairest way to consider that subject is to remember that scarlet fever aud diphtheria and such diseases are rare diseases comparatively. It produced a gentle moisture on the skin, easier respiration, and relief from all difficulty of breathing: reviews.

Thus, a case is related in the" Repertoire d' Anatomic et Physiologic," by M.

Owing to the presence of pain, or flatulence, or constipation, or discomfort of some sort, the patient has been led to try various dietetic"cures," which may have been recommended on medical authority, or may have been culled from some lay work. Evaporate rapidly in an iron vessel until ebullition ceases and the soda melts. These tumours, the origin of which is unknown, develop at the character, and Moiissu has only observed tumours of a type dififerent from that of the testicle itself, containing tracts of carcinomatous, sarcomatous, and fibrous tissue. He becomes thoroughly familiar edge that he is able to cure an inflammation or other affection of the eye in a very short time.

( Sas TastiflMNitels.) Few affections to which the human fiesh is heir are more painful than this terrible afiliction. Again, what, irrespective of the swelling present, is in favor of myxoedema? First, there are the extraordinary mental changes, especially the slow, hesitating speech not unlike that sometimes found in cerebro-spinal diseases.

Two oases of chronic inflammation of tubes and ovaries, were transferred to the surgical service and the diseased tissues removed successfully. In asthmatic patients we sometimes have three distinct affections to treat, viz., asthma, bronchitis, and dyspepsia; and, when this is the case, we are likely to have a good deal of trouble with them. This would seem to be an excellent provision in lunacy laws, and the Board recommends its adoption in this State." It is not ditficnlt for a respectable general practitioner in New York to get his certificate, which is simply an official declaration of the qualifications required by the Siassachasetts law, except in its limitation as to being connected with any institution for treating the insane; and the question of the insanity of the patients committed, there as here," must of necessity fall to ihe snperintendaot of the hospital to which they are committed," especially ip some doubtful or difficult oases, where" judges of ooarts of record The New York law also has its difficulties, and experts are by no means agreed that it is in any way better than ours, except that it would be a great gain if our Central Board should provide uniforaa and complete blank certificates for oommitment, and if their use should be required in all cases, as is the law in New York. Coupon - shoot ahead when the patient is under The expenditure of muscular eti the influence of ether or chloroform.

The kidney was excised, and the wound closed with drainage, and the patient made an excellent recovery, The condition of the kidney was very interesting.

Breaking down again from this only partial recovery, I made the experiment now of Minnesota; and, submitting myself, on returning, to a very rigid examination by a physician who did not know at all wliat verdict liad been passed by other physicians before, he said, in accordance with their opinions,'you have had difficulty in your right lung, but it is now healed.'" Testimony of a similar nature could be produced from persons residing in different portions of the Union, but this would be inconsistent with the original scope of this paper. Lacerated wounds are those in wlilch the flesh is torn und mangled.

Under ether, an incision here evacuated eight ounces of foul pus. If, however, we refer again to Wright's"law of the ebb, over auto-inoculation, the explanation is by no means complicated. For this purpose, chemical substitutes are added which in themselves have no injurious action.

The hours and frequently the whole remnants of the abortion come away. Our group was also noted for a particular sense of of our members.

It is a very active hydragogue cathartic, but, on account of the violence of its action, it is seldom used, except in combination with other COMPOUND PILL OF GAMBOGE (Br.).


The fissure seems most commonly to occur between the point where the oesophagus passes through the diaphragm and the ensiform cartilage of the sternum, in which case mediastinal herniae most commonly supervene. To-day he reports that he feels better and stronger than he did, and that the itching has been somewhat relieved.

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