Among these are represented: the palm of the hand, including repair of the defect by skin transplantation from the arm, uranoplasty, staphylorrhaphy, enterostomy, laparotomy catamaran for tuberculous peritonitis, operation for inguinal hernia (Bassini's method), castration, hydrocele operation with removal of the tunica, and the like.

It allays violent paroxysms of It is therefore quite natural that under such sneezing and profuse lacrimation by blanchcircumstances they would be anxious to ing the turbinal tissues and soothing the select a non-poisonous antiseptic, the use of irritation of the nasal mucosa which gives tions of leading hospital practitioners based instances affording complete and lasting on the very highest clinical tests, form one relief. West has recently author as the most suggestive, if in addi- impulse. If all women were physiological beings, these demands would be readily met, but as they are not physiological beings, pregnancy tests the points of least resistance and thus the individual insufficiencies, be they what they may, appear and we have a hydra headed monster instead of a specific condition affecting all cases alike.

The incision was sewn up without drainage; and the patient not only m?de a good recovery from the operation but on his discharge had regained his health.

Twenty years ago he would, had he been asked, have attributed death, in the majority of cases, to phthisis; while, in reply to that question, he would, at the present time, answer diabetic coma.

"With regard to the latter, the proportion of cases which gave a positive reaction three months after the termination of two years' regular treatment is significant. It also appears, according to Fordyce Barker, that per cent: We can only promise for the future that our efforts shall not relax to make the Student a fair exponent of the advances in practical medicine and especially valuable to the general practitioner.

BuDix, in a communication made lo tlie Biological Society concerning the position of the ova and fostuses in multiple pregnancy, their membranes may present three varietie.s. As the statement made by me at a recent meeting of the Pathological Society, with regard to the action of picric acid on peptones, has been introduced into the controversy, I should like briefly to offer a few comments on this interesting and important subject. Farr's English Life-Table, the mean duration of life, or males. The child eryoyed good health for about four months, when a small tumor, about the size of a horse-bean, appeared beneath the scalp, near the posterior-superior angle of the led parietal bone, which soon acquired the magnitude and figure of an apple. Namely, vacuum, air forced in at ceiling and withdrawn at floor, and the reverse.

Hamopyfis has already been confidered as a genus, Diarrhcea is the laft and concluding iymptom. Uzziel Ogden, Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children in the Toronto School of Medicine, and Dr. AN EXCELLENT CHANCE FOR A PHYSICIAN. As a general anesthetic should be used whenever curetting the uterus, it is unnecessary to mention the fact that the stomach should be empty. When he came back "" he became a member of the County Medical Society. The matter of diet has been mentioned as an etiological factor. Every year these men are returned to civil life, bringing with them qualities of discipline, intelligence, accuracy and endurance.

Friends generally are asked to forward items of medical news. With all the facts before him he thought we would not be warranted in attempting to remove a stone over half an inch in diameter from the female bladder, by dilating the urethra. The bloodthirstiness of the Cimicidae, commonly known as bed-bugs, is familiar to almost everybody, and yet, gourmands, tho they be, they exist for a long time without food, A female of this family was once put into a tight fitting box, and after six months was found to be not only alive but was surrounded by a brood of young ones, which were transparent as glass, presumably from lack of blood! The wound inflicted by the centipede (Chilopoda) is perhaps as severe as that of any insect.

The purpose of such a law is obvious. Even when given in such large doses as to bring about a complete state of anaesthesia, it does not diminish the contractility of unstriped muscular fibres, including the uterus. Herr Leube: Upon Diseases of the Stomach.

BOVININE promotes:,the metabolism of fat and albumin ni muscle aud blood, thereby restoring the bodily health, strength and normal powers of resistance. Up to a short time ago these physicians were known as"acting assistant surgeons" and were given relative rank of first lieutenants. A fresh impetus, however, has been given to their study by the discovery of very minute granules in some of the diseases in question, more particularly in trachoma, variola, and molluscum contagiosum, in varicella and in both human and experimental scarlatina. In acutecases theli-ht as an intestinal disinfectant and prevents treatment does harm, and its effects should the formation of gas. But what we want is to have you test the remedies for yourself. The emetic, as ufed and recommended by Dr. The use of a fine trocar will settle the question of diagnosis between this affection and cysts due to an incomplete and partial closiure of th canal of Niick.

In this hour of supreme importance in the nation's history, the doctors thruout the country stand not only as guardians of the people's health, but as factors of the greatest possible efficiency in the moulding of public opinion.


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