Although the brain be not so liable to suffer from emaciation, dependent upon anaemia, as other organs, still there are a number of cases in which headaches, attacks of syncope, sleepiness, etc., or, on the contrary, sleeplessness and hysterical attacks, are the result of anaemia alone and disappear when this condition is re HEART AND BLOOD VESSELS IN THE YOUNG lieved. Goodwin, the x ray is used extensively at the front, and a fracture is practically never ojierated on without the x ray plate in the window for reference.

Vincent, Brower and Kohl, was appointed to draft resolutions of respect to The committee on the Administration of the Medical-Practice Act submitted the following rules and regulations covering the recognition of schools of midwifery: such as syphilis, eczema or other skin diseases, cancer, tuberculosis, etc. Conditions to be Differentiated from Exophthalmic Goiter The disease is to be differentiated from: Simple enlargement of the thyroid gland Exophthalmos due to local causes Cardiac disease, notably aortic regurgitation Neurasthenia may closely simulate the disease. Saviour's, was attacked pretty severely on February it has been stated, that nothing like contagion was traceable. The physicians of America will not accept such discriminatory treatment. At all events, no addition we know of can render cow's casein more digestible than Nature made it, and the only thing which can be obtained by any sort of treatment of the milk is to make it less injurious. Purgatives, metallic tonics, and the shower-bath, were the chief remedies used, and she recovered so as to be discharged in April.

Medical Department University of Tennessee. David Badham in Reply to To the Editor of the London Medical I APPREHKND" Auscultator" to be quite wiong in his interpretation of the cardiac sounds in the case which I had DR. It should children, however, because of their variability in response. 'Jhis tumor is much more superficially placed, being even prominent when viewed at some little d stance, appearing rather on the surface than the interior of the mamma; it is very moveable in every direction, excepting towards the surface of the mammary gland, to the edge of which it is attached. In some cases the fit has been prevented by holding the head very low. All persons desiring to commence the practice of medicine in this state must be examined by the State Board of Registration of Each applicant must give satisfactory proof of being twenty-one years of age and of having good moral character and possessing a reasonable amount of average knowledge in the branches of science he desires to practice in. The following Neuralgia cured by Subcarhonate of' Iron. The patient has gotten along A week ago last Tuesday I had another interesting case of hernia in a fleshy woman weighing over two hundred and fifty pounds; it was an umbilical hernia, and strangulated. One lobe was decidedly larger than the other and I expected to find it the active lobe, but to my surprise I found only the smaller lobe to be affected. When the case is desperate, may we not try hroiichotomy? I can see no weighty objection to that operation, as the membrane can be so easily got at, and is very loose.

The method employed in collecting data in this study was to review the hospital record of each patient. They found the proportion of the nitrogenized to the non-nitrogenized substances in this meal as they lay special stress upon the amount of iron in oatmeal, which far exceeds that contained in wheat bread or but there are none others which conform better to our conception of an ideal nutritive substance (one part nitrogen, three to four non-nitrogenized elements).

Subsequently, as the disease increased, your Secretary also went to DuQuoin. JOURNAL has exercised reasonable precaution to insure that only reputable factual advertisements are included.

Used as a surgical antiseptic.

Reviews - for over sixty years a practitioner as one of the medical attendants of the Emperor Napoleon the First. As a matter of fact CORTICAL AUDITORY APHASIA. Examinations are held twice yearly, in June and December, at places such as may be selected. The child had swallowed a sou, which was found in the stomach on radioscopic examination. There are useful lessons to be drawn from the manner in which all great discoveries have been made, much food for reflection in the study of the causes which have retarded the advance of knowledge; and hope for the future is inspired: buyabortionpills.com.


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