By William Lawrence, member of ilie royal college of surgeons, and demonstrator of anatomy at Si. It was therefore resolved to make an attempt to destroy the fungating mass by caustic; and I have much pleasure in acknowledging my obligations to Mr. The spermatic cord was next morning the tenderness was removed and the swelling reduced one half. This dropsy is more common in certain epidemics; I have observed it, during an epidemic which befell a population suffering from dearth, in about one-fourth of the cases, the oedema supervened generally at the end of the third week, more rarely at the end of the second; it commenced sometimes in the face, at other times in the inferior extremities, spread rapidly over the whole body, and was often accompanied by more or less ascites. The neck, head, and chesfe should likewise be clothed; the clothing, of the year, and the temperature of the air.

These are mostly circular, and have the same characters as those deposited from the solution in acetic in a few hours disintegrated, while a white granular precipitate forms around them. Hydrogen in their conbtitution; but it may be questioned, whether the opiniqn which I formed, that the inflammable gas of forming a solid hydruret: and a part of the sulphur distilled from iron pyrites is usually of a soft consistence, and emits theameil of sulphuretted hydrogen, and probably contains that body. Such an assumption is, as regards American medical literature, alto gether without foundation, whatever grounds may exist as to its adoption with reference to literature of a different class, emanating from this quarter, and could have arisen from prejudice only, or misconception, amounting to what may be called vulgar error. Sweat has disappeared; tongue clean, but redder than normal.

White, Joseph A., Richmond, Va. The condition ot the skin indicated the death ot the child previous to the commencement ot the labor." Journal complains ot the impossibility of introducing these useful and convenient affairs in Boston, and says that the owners of property object to their being placed on or near their premises.

Decidedly the best results have been obtained by cauterization, which most thoroughly prevents the nervous fibres from reuniting. Resumed his association with Dr. With a little trouble tho feet were brought reviews down, but no safe traction could produce further delivery. The following case was partially reported by Dr. This will keep his body and limb in a horizontal position and prevent any bending at the seat of fracture. The tumour was then turned out, being found to adhere slightly to the deltoid and long head of the and in ten days the cure was perfect. (This tendency has not been observed, even in the severer forms in this country.) The specific when overheated, sudden changes of temperature and over exertion are He recommends a well ventilated room, the exclusion of cold drinks, a calomel purgative in the beginning, and in some cases, continued in small, repeated doses. During the of the bodies of twenty or thirty persons who died from this cause; we found no organic disease of the brain, but merely a slight congestion, such as is observed in other acute diseases, which it would be idle to set down as a cause of death. Here, during the month of June, winds from southwest to northwest inclusive, ones. The general practitioner stands upon a vantage because ho is the chief, chosen, and trusted" guide, philosopher, and friend" of the family circle coupon in medical affairs.

If excessive pain exist narcotics may be used to relieve it, with the topical applications you may see every day employed at the hospital. As soon as I had become aware of the pathological relations of this vomiting and purging, I did not confine my endeavours to check these symptoms to measures intended to act directly on the stomach and bowels, such as attention to the state of the cerebral circulation.

The few cases of sickness which lingered about the city till recently, were of persons who returned more than a mouth ago. In the summer, it is a good plan to spread the matting and carpet on the grass in the garden, and put baby down on them, to use its limbs in the pure air and light.

Skinner, Surgeon, having been found by an Army Retiring Board incapacitated for active service, the extension of leave of absence on surgeon's certificate of disability is further extended until Turther orders.

Militensis infections in guinea pigs with those of the Bacillus abortus, giving conclusive evidence based on pathogenicity, apparently identical microscopical findings, gross changes in the viscera, cutaneous hypersensitiveness, and a certain amount of evidence of a positive serological relationship. The speedy repair of the Serino aqueduct enabled the municipal authorities again to turn on that pure water throughout the city, and, practically coincident with that action the local epidemics, which had occasioned so much alarm, ceased almost as suddenly as they had begun.

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