The sac, which was as thin tissue, and on the inside below to the omentum, which partly filled it.

In case of inability to do so, the catheter should be employed. In gout the stomach is principally affected; Nephritis is distinguished from it by the peculiar symptoms that attend upon the organ diseased, as connected with the stomach, the testes, and the round ligaments. Secretary, Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. By far the most obvious effect of continuous drainage from the gastrointestinal tract is the abstraction of fluids from the centimeters of bile per day; the pancreas and an unknown amount of fluids pour into the lumen of the intestine from the mucosa of the stomach, duodenum, and jejunum. On tasting the water supplied there, he found a disagreeable flavor, reminding one of clam-water. - (Oupou, urine; KouXia, belly.) Tumidity of the abdominal wall from infiltration The Hii-tcidic or Uroceridtv, which see below. In the course of their military service these men will walk distances much greater than they were accustomed to walking in civil life, and as a result this otherwise infrequent clinical entity is certain to increase. Cowan, Jr., captain, Nashville, to Lowry Field, Denver, Colorado. It appeared to be beneath the mucous membrane, and did not project at all. In the meantime, as soldiers will get sick and Doctors must be had, we have learned that a new plan may be adopted to get them.

The first means of efiecting this object, is to avoid the remote causes; to prevent the exciting cause from operating on the system, (that is, as far as that cause may depend upon external circumstances.) With this view let your patient get out of the way of it, by avoiding the air; if in marshy and moist situations, let your patient be removed to elevated grounds, to a dry and sandy soil. The patient was rather spare, though well nourished, and had the aspect of health. The Treasurer's annual report was then read, and, there being no Under the head of reports of special committees, the Secretary announced that since the last meeting there had been three deaths among Under the head of unfinished business, the Secretary gave an outline of the Permanent Fund scheme from its beginning, and what had been done to further it under the direction of the Executive Committee, there being no attempt to disturb the ordinary course of assessments, as laid down in the by-laws, for those who preferred it. O'Connor or any This statement I distinctly refuted, at the same time assuring him if he continued to.advertise what he knew to be untrue, I.should bring PiTRE AND Warm Air in Bed-rooms. Internal medicinal treatment should consist of the tincture of iron in moderate closes, frequently repeated, in combination with potassium chlorate and glycerine. The capsules of the kidneys were greatly affected, especially the right, only a very little of the structure of these organs being apparently implicated. Its motions, or altogether deprived of motion, and causes.

One with clinical symptoms referable to the presence of basic products lormed in the body and eliminated l)y the urine: It is the intention of the based, at the time above specified.

Of course other medicinal and moral means are employed; drugs, such as hydrocvanic acid, to restrain the excessive and deranged brain action, and moral means, to induce conduct and thought more in adaptation with circumstances; but the most efiicient and powerful TTiis was followed by an impor'ant paper, by Dr. More frequently, however, when the membranes are inflamed, the adjoining portions of the brain, the functions of which they are probably intended to facilitate, evince some sort of disorder, particularly of their usual functions. With limited brain disorganizations we may find the corresponding sensitive pairs affected; but it is much more usual to observe the pain to be devoid of all correspondence, as to site, decree, and extent, except, perhaps, when a surface of the brain, or of the cerebellum, is I cannot but conclude, that the more the observer is guidedby these views, the more he will see cause to locate common headache superficially, and that even when pain chances to attend the most limited derangement at the centre of The appearance of Professor Mulder's Eera in the history of chemical physiology; the elaborate and successful researches of one of the most laborious and accurate physiological chemists of the age, being for the first time placed before the scientific world in an available form. The directions given for the detection of urinarj' sediments are clear and accurate, and easily followed by persons but imperfLCtly acquainted with chemistry. It may be thought that a column of t It is needless to shew that the following is an extension of views before advanced in the Medical Gazette. Yet the discharge continued copious for some time, and meat, beer, and tonics, were required. In both, the disease exhibited many alarming symptoms of confirmed phthisis, yet both were instantly relieved when the mouth became affected. This inclination was checked as much ai possible; but if opportunity offered she was unable to withstand the temptation, even going the length of roblung the dogs of their half-gnawed, half-putrid bones when they had years ago, so is it at the present day.

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