Four minutes is the full time limit As the agglutinin content of sera developed during bacillary dysentery infection is small in comparison with that in enterica and melitensis the specific agglutinin in many of these cases. This is very commonly noted in the civilian, but it appeared in these men to be a decided handicap. This quantity can be measured into a pasteboard powder-box, which can then be marked at the upper level with an ink line or trimmed down with a sharp knife so as to constitute an accurate measure for future use.

Emetics were given without effect, and little amendment was obtained from blood-letting, leeches on the temples, cold to the head, or purgatives. The first to be mentioned is related by Fodere, who, in consequence of the violent symptoms produced, assigns to the present poison very active properties. In catarrh, the appetite for solid food and the digestive functions are not much changed, while in fevers there is great thirst and repugnance for food. Pus is more or less abundantly formed, and if there is no obstruction it passes off with the urine. The latter were evidently much more pronounced before the patient was review admitted to this hospitaL Case I. The wall of the "voucher" stomach is now split in a direction parallel with the external wound for a distance of from four to five centimetres, the incision being carried through only the serous and muscular coats, which are dissected loose from the mucosa for a short distance on each side. They admitted bleeding in cases of true plethora; but, in cacochymys, the more the blood was impure the less should be withdrawn. In most cases peritoneal adhesions prevent the opening of the abscess into the peritoneal cavity. It is not wholly airless, for air can be pressed from one part to another. Gastroptosis, or myasthenia gastrica should modify che acidity of the gastric contents which in the absence of carcinoma, pernicious anaemia, and other markedly debilitating diseases is usually an increase m the percentage of hydrochloric acid. It was afterward remarked tiiat the onlv symptom of tabes present was the Argyll-Robertson sign, and there was much ana;sthesia of the legs, which is suggestive of alcoholic neuritis.

In the endeavour to discover the etiological factors which bring about the symptom complex of cardiac irritability, as outlined in the opening description of the paper, I take the view that the condition is the result of a state of" irritable weakness" of the involuntary neuro-muscular mechanism in association with a similar state of psycho-motor and psychic systems.

The present International Classification ranges malignant neoplasms by themselves, regardless of their situation; but it deals with benign tumors according to the part which they occupy. It might be well for the operator to consider the age and general condition of his patient in weighing the merits of the two operations and deciding which to perform. Diagnosis of Syphilis, By Tage.

As the tubercle-tissue about the vessels increases, it causes occlusion of their lumen. It is a symptom of a variety of morbid conditions which will be considered under their appropriate heads. He found that dogs, like man, may take a large dose with impunity, for example half an ounce, if they are allowed to vomit; but that if the gullet is tied, from four to eight grains will kill them in a few hours. The case lone nicely, and is now about out al years, and during the last few hs had been growing rapidly.

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