As it never showed itself until the middle of life had been reached, the subjects were married and had families. With abundant small-celled infiltration of mucosa and submucosa. We trust that the present organization will not be of such kind. When the doctor arrives he finds the baby unconscious, restless, grinding its teeth, and starting from time to time. He was fitly mourned by the entire village, and all business was suspended during the funeral ceremonies. It may occur much earlier or very near the end of gestation. If pus forms in the ducts, it becomes evacuated through the normal apertures, and is apt to be swallowed by the child. When the entire ovum is retained putrefaction is extremely rare. In the first part the author presents the history of this affection as far as it has been observed and as cases have been recorded. Diffuse hypertrophy of the decidua consists in a general overgrowth of the maternal covering of the ovum.

It is, however, as a rule, temporary. To sum up, then, it may be said that while undue slowing or great rapidity of the pulse may not, in themselves, suggest danger, still when viewed in conjunction with the temperature chart some significance is at times attachable. Piperazine, a nitrated product of the closed-chain series, is diethylene-diamine: Accouchement force, which in the past gave a maternal mortality of from forty to sixty per cent, gave a considerably lower foetal mortality than does the treatment which is adopted at the present day. Treatment: Scrape or curette deeply; paint with tincture of iodine or use mercurial ointments. The oiling brigade gets into the field almost immediately following each rain. The treatment of extreme cases of anaemia must be dietetic and medicinal. Whether suppression of the menses, checking hemorrhoidal From a Section through the Dorsal Spinal Cord, including portion of fluxes or profuse perspiration of the feet can cause it is uncertain. So that the healer of little children has become second only in importance in this war to the general or operating surgeon and great hospitals are being built for him and his students all over the warring countries. These, while perhaps not more common than bullet wounds of the same region in former wars, have taken on a far more serious and ghastly character on account of the great size, jaggedness, and terrific momentum of the shell A bullet would go completely through the face from side to side, and perhaps break one jaw or put out an eye; but a whizzing, whirling boomerang of a jagged shell splinter disdains such feeble damages as this and will often shear away the whole lower half of the face, leaving the tongue hanging down on the chest, or tear away an eye, all the front of the upper jaw and teeth, and one side of the lower jaw at one The worst case of all that I saw was a poor English boy, who had lost completely both eyes, his nose, the front third of his upper jaw, and about a quarter of the front of his lower jaw, including the chin and lower lip and tip of his tongue.

Various cut surfaces beside the exploratory incision showed a great number of abscesses of miliary size in the pyramids and also in the cortex. Manometer marked in millimetres, attached to a tube ending in a tracheal cannula.. Next day, when brought before the magistrate, he seemed to have lost every physical and mental faculty; he could not stand without a great effort, and only answered in incoherent and isolated words. The general symptoms consist of twitching and convulsions in non lethal doses.

Swill barrel flies, pig pen flies, and dwelling house flies are the same species of insect. It is pretty well agreed that digestive disorders cause the thyroid to lot of causes together and called them causes multiples. An attempt was made to continue the treatment. The temperature, however, varies considerably and may even be subnormal; it may have a Temperature Record in a case of Acute morning remission and evening exacerbation. These alterations are only marked in the late cases; in those quickest fatal only slight parenchymatous (changes are apparent. The size and shape of -the cavity of the mouth may be altered by opening and closing the jaws and by tightening and loosening the lips. The limbs are paralyzed and the patient lies in a state of utter helplessness. As already mentioned, sufficient evidence is not as yet at hand to enable us to give a decided opinion as to the value of antitoxic serum. There are parts of Switzerland where than in the region of the Alps. Chickens that are hatched practically the only new laid eggs to be had in November, hence the limitations of the supply.

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