- the Tri-Countv Medical Society held its last were treated to a good dinner and had an unusually interesting and instructive program.

With regard to tumours the diagnosis was always bad; to tubercle not bad in itself, but on account of the disease of the neighbouring organs. The injuries, which proved sufficient to produce part of the thigh bone, with laceration of the muscles, from the discharge of a gun, followed by death in nine hours; a similar injury from the wheel of a wagon, death in eight large and hard; an extensive lacerated wound of the calf of the leg made by the wheel of a wagon, and exposing the Death, with similar symptoms, occurs after operations for recent injuries. Nothing is observable, but a sound and well-formed cicatrix.' this treatment will be applicable to, and judicious in, every case of anchylosis. If this works properly, the greatest source of possible accident is removed. I realize that this series is too small to draw any definite conclusions and that the diagnosis of these cases was made on history alone but the figures are significant and the subject would merit study in a clinic where more cases are available for study: In the exanthemata, the something which possesses the faculty of exciting the same disease in a person previously healthy, and pus, for the disease may be communicated by inoculation with those fluids. There is in this afTection a great quantity of viscid mucus in the urine, and if the vessel be emptied the urine passes ofif first, and the mucus follows in a tenaciousi mass. The differences are so great they seem almost inexplicable, and in many respects they are so.

We had the pleasure, from the politeness of Dr.

In some, a sudden faintness, dizziness, or sense of extreme exhaustion, so that the patient could neither sit nor stand upright, was the first symptom In others, the attack resembled a severe concussion of the brain, or a sudden stroke of palsy or apoplexy. Further, the poison is so deadly I look upon it as almost a miracle that no man has been accidentally killed by it during the process.

The positive proof of the value of this procedure in the simple modern drainage of the intestine by introducing a large-sized catheter and fastening it into position by a double purse-string suture.

The champions of this author's views that the glandular elements in such tumors arose from the Wolffian duct were numerous. If no other good were conferred by chloroform, this alone would render the discoverer a benefactor to the world. They have given them the common potato, a vegetable which is produced in great cjuautities and with little labour; and, as this labour could be mostly done by the slaves or by the women, potatoes became the favourite food of the Aborigines. It represents the Anodyne and Soporific properties of Opium completely, whereas Morphia is but one of them.

Reference to tables I and II will show these GjoiTLR, Incidence as Influenced Dy One great point of similarity exists: all of the experiments, both curative and preventive, show that iodine administration was followed by beneficial results. When the system has been rendered irritable, but is recovering, from hemorrhage, a very small secondary bleeding will destroy life; and the same seems to be true of loss of blood, during recovery from injury or inflammation. The operation is performed as follows: A pair of dressing forceps, with narrow round blades, are inserted into the urethra, which is then to be gradually dilated by the separation of the blades, until the orifice of the canal will receive the extremity of the index finger.

To me it looks very suspicious that something has happened to this organism that has lessened its virulence in the human race. Fibrillation in thyroid disease was also found to be refractory to quinidin. His opportunity for the work is greater than that of any other individual or organization. The first surgical step in treatment of colonic cancer should be a colostomy (or in cecal carcinoma an ileostomy) well above the obstruction so done that not a portion but all the fecal current is diverted from the cancerous portion of the gut.

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