He had never seen a well marked example of delirium tremens in the female, and he had never seen the form of paralysis under consideration Dr. Thus: That the number of members on the Midwifery Board might, instead of being from seven to eleven, be five, ot whom two"That the proposal to appoint a General Registrar, and annually prepare and print a correct copy of a complete Register of Midwives in fact, local registers and local registrars would not sutiice, these to have charge of the registers, and to have the power of making alterations in and erasures from the registers, in consequence of change of residence, cessation from practice, or death, assigned in the' Draft Bill' to the proposed General Registrar.

Hitherto generally considf-red as necessarily fatal, because it has been discovered only in the last stages, or by dissection" Thirdly, That it is requisite, in such casfs, to examine ihr jintjs with the finger, or if the symptoms be strotigly marked, and there he no obstruction within the reach of the finger, to examine it with a rectum bougie.

The horizontal portion, being nine inches in length, suffices to extend from a median abdominal incision beyond the side of the patient and the operating table; the vertical part, rive inches long, is of sufficient length to reach into Douglas's pouch.

John Clarke, contained in the third volume of now reported must be of rare occurrence.

The anomaly of the county health officer being a lawyer should be done away with and a medically trained sanitary expert substituted in his How easy this is to say. On the following day, the first meeting of the council of the newly incorporated body was held, under the power to elect honorary members. This important Spanish colony is at the present moment threatened with an outbreak of cholera. All consist of excretory ducts more or less ramified, and with closed extremities, on the walls of which blood-vessels ramify.

The bullet lodged; ten months after this, he had a fit of epilepsy, and for three months after had them every two or three weeks. The Ureter above It, By Howard A. Let us say at the outset that much remains to be learned about cardiac syncope:

In colds, there is generally a certain degree of fever, the eyes appear dull or watery, the appetite is diminished, and there is almost always a cough. I appeal, therefore, to him with the greater confidence.

Velpeau then details two cases, in the first of which the inflammation gave rise to suppuration, and in the second, to abscess and fistulae.


Velpeau reported to the Socie'te Medicale d'Emulation the case of a bey who, while in perfect health, was bitten by a dog with which he was playing. He combated the vulgar opinion that conductors attract flashes of lightning to objects which would not otherwise be st:uck, by an appeal to facts, which show that during the same thunderstorm, different objects, such as church steeples, whether provided with conductors or not, are often struck by lightning, the steeples of churches so provided being preserved, while the others are damaged. His advice, I suspect, has seldom been followed, in.i part like the bend of the elbow, where the nerve wounded is usually subcutaneous, while there are large Compression, as by the tourniquet, has sometimes proved very useful as a palliative, actually preventing paroxysms which seemed just coming on. Wathen in closing to refer to it. It is but right, however, that I should add that the opinion, or decision, as to what substances ought to be admitted as gums, was founded on commercial, and not on chemical considerations. Vomiting has continued every day; sometimes but once, usually three or four times a-day. Or that reviews had already built asylums. The end-to-end is perhaps the thus it would require a minimum time most difficult, while the end-to-side an- of seven or eight years to obtain both astomosis with the Murphy Button, per- degrees: coupon. Secondary Changes in the Spinal Cord, in Glasgow, By Hugh A. She recognized her parents, and evinced some manifestations of the exercise of the will. The Brunnerian glands, found by Bcihn only in the duodenum, present a single excretory duct, leading to lobules, which are again subdivided, forming true conglomerate glands.

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