Later, when the foreign body has reached the pericardium, the symptom complex of pericarditis follows immediately; although exceptions may be noted in so far as the signs of traumatic gastritis may disappear for a time the pericarditis becoming manifest only after their reappearance, or the trouble may develop without previous digestive disturbances. Richter has reported from the Breslau Clinic a specimen of diseased bone in which fracture had been diagnosed because of the deformity. Pleuritis is a necessary result when the peripheral portion of the lung is involved. Boschetti found and Savarese found them in a sausage which had been made of anthrax (c) Temperature is a very important condition in the development of and below that standard either retard the action or nullify the virulence and also if the bacilli are buried deeply in the ground; because the high degrees of temperature decreases the virulence of these microbes. This cough goes off early or late, just in proportion as the attack of the disease has taken place a long or a short time after winter. The lactophosphate of lime, if well prepared, is a most valuable agent in the treatment of incipient and the more chronic cases of phthisis. About one week ago the dog was sent to a veterinary hospital, and here some of the fluid was withdrawn from the abdominal canty and found to be almost clear. The nerve-trunks were sensitive, the reflexes were absent, and electrical contractility was entirely abolished. And extrinsic or peripheral lesions. An easily digested aliment of the nitrogenous kind, with decided diminution of the farinaceous and saccharine elements, is the kind of diet required. The endeavor has been made to produce a knife in the use of which the cutting edge may be made to present at right angles to the plane of the capsule at all times during its passage through the membrane. From this extreme to a size equal to or a little greater than the normal, the gradations are numerous.

The existence of a typhoid pneumonia is pretty generally admitted, but on qviestionable evidence. The clinical years curriculum is currently under revision. The same conclusions have been arrived at by others who have had much experience in dealing with this class of cases. The changes in the articulating surfaces and the relaxation of the tendons lead to subluxations. The trouble with them will, however, simply lie in the meaning of the word" Phthisis," as some will call a chronic catarrhal pneumonia fibroid phthisis. Could any stronger testimony than these figures be offered as to the efficiency of diphtheria antitoxin in the cure and prevention of the disease? Naturally enough, such results have led to the establishment of other laboratories for the preparation of this serum. Such a pure, bracing atmosphere must quicken the wit, and such a rare combination of the grand and beautiful in our surroundings must stir up within us all that is eloquent and poetical. Hystero-epilepsy presents some remarkable features, especially as regards the condition of tonic rigidity, so that it must always be readily recognized. A catalog of courses and information concerning die graduate programs offered at the University of Maryland at Baltimore can be obtained from the Office of the Dean for Graduate Studies and Research. McFadyean states that"swelling of the throat in the course of an attack of acute illness is in the pig almost pathognomonic of quently become purple and even black, are seen on the mucous membrane of the tongue, palate, lips, etc. Dose of the Quinine is from one to ten grains, of the other alkaloids from five to twenty grains, Commonly called Cotton Root, The hydro-alcoholic is prepared in the form of pills. Third, this disorder may terminate in the fourth, in the chronic condition, which may, or may not, end in terminal dementia. A fact which he thought had not been s'afficiently appreciated was the frequency of these troubles in tubercular patients, and it was extremely important to treat the local difficulty without Dr. If we purge only at long intervals, however great may have been the previous evacuations, we give the water time to accumulate. Generally, however, chalybeates do great good. I know well that it sometimes so happens that, even in the most confluent form, the eruption is somewhat later. Wood's original observations as to the kinship of pernicious anemia and sprue were supported:

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