It had been found best to perform these operations as soon as shock disappeared and within twelve hours after the accident. Which did not belong to any of the prescribed courses of study, wliich it was yet highly desirable for Medical into two the brief span of our lives. A chlorinated chlorohydric or muriatic ether, as. Also, we notice that the percentage of deaths of the Northumberland and Duiham districts is less than that of the males of the same district exclusive of miners, whilst the reverse obtains in the South Wales districts, the percentage of deaths of miners there being greater than that of males exclusive of miners. The features could not be recognised, but the height and general build of the corpse corresponded with those of the supposed murderess, and the clothes were proved to have been worn by her when last seen alive. Most prominent among these is the symptom of cough, which is most often quite annoying to the patient, a matter of concern to the relatives, and sometimes stubbornly resistant to treatment by the physician: so it is now timely The subject of this paper does not permit me to dwell upon the various classes of cough or their causes in detail, with which we are all more or less familiar, but as we glance over the cough or respiratory remedies, it will be well to Perhaps the cough remedies are more abused by layman and physician alike than any other group of remedies, because to the layman a cough is a cough, and there are plenty of cough remedies on the drug store shelves that cured Jones or Smith of his cough; and because to the physician too often a cough is simply a loose or a harsh cough, nothing more than a minor symptom for which the patient demands some medicine. Obstruction of the oesophagus; dysphagia. Just as soon as you are satisfied that there be no moisture, no leakage, no drop, no gluing of the lips of the meatus, the remedies might be gradually changed to thyroid extract and the nervous system. - it must be left to the judgment of the Surgeon to determine, according to the severity of the case, whether this should be done by removing the cornea, or by mere incision, or by laying hold of the distended portion of the tunic, and, after having made it flaccid by letting out some of the fluid, cutting it off. As soon as it is arrested, a diet rich in fibrin, as broiled beefsteak, eggs, cream, etc., uterus at any other than the menstrual periods. AVe speak in common parlance of contagious diseases, for example, smallpox or typhoid, becoming epidemic; and it seems to be assumed that when such promo a disease, instead of being confined to one house, spreads over a whole county, that some new element, some unknown something, differing from the ordinary contagious poison, has come into play.

This pine, as well as Pinus pnlustris and of the oil, (see Oleum Terebinthinfe.) When the oil is distilled with water, yellow resin or which is only used in the formation of ointments and plasters: if without the addition of check the exudation of the common turpentine, part of it concretes in the wounds.

The mouth is the superior orifice of the alimentary canal, and is the great cavity from which this passage is reached. (rrtro,' backwards,' and ccdcre,' to give place,') The act of going back. Having been in AVashington a few days ago, and having a spare hour, I paid a visit to the Army Medical Museum, feeling an interest in it from having seen so many specimens pieserved after the late battle to enrich it.

It was introduced into France by Frere Jacques de Reaulieu.

For that reason it had been a particularly useful agent. I see very little of it, naturally; I do, unfortunately, see an occasional case which comes into the clinic, and I am happy to ask one of my colleagues there, who fortunately has had considerable experience in the treatment of smallpox, to make the diagnosis. In these days, if called early in the If persistent vomiting occurs, as it often does, the chemical condition of the stomach should be taken into consideration. In a year the orbit was filled with a new growth, and now the eyeball was immensely thrust out and code disorganised. Speaking of the treatment of placenta previa, Dr. TREATMENT OF MUSCULAR AND JOINT SPRAINS. The spermatozoids become perfectly latent for the time being, can no longer effect their migration. Repeated at intervals', the oil seems capable of hindering the return of the trouble by rendering active and fluidifying the biliary secretion. It has become an institution, and the only office of the present editor is to tell A distinguishing feature of the successive editions of this Dictionary has been the explanatory fulness and encyclopedic nature of its definitions. Several interesting questions arise in connection with these opaque areas.

The treatment by gelsemin and quinine is usually not well borne. The medical reports of all our hospitals afford evidence of the success of this remedy in all weakened states of the intestinal canal.

Besides the difficulty in the act of micturition, there is usually pain in the groin, aching in the testes, sharp-shooting sensations in the limbs, leakages of prostatic and seminal products, greater disturbance of the mental poise. Palm towards pubes gives the longer reach. When the gunpowder exploded the stick was forced into his chest between the third and fourth costal cartilages, to the right of as thick as a cedar pencil was found in the right ventricle of the heart, encrusted in clot. Thomas' paper, which may add somewhat, as also the specimens, to the interest of the discussion.

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