Tamen fit manifestior, terebra adacta: nam finis vitii est ubi scobis desiii esse nigra.

Traube's explanation, however, differed from both of these, for he thought that the admitted increase of disintegration of albuminous compounds was secondary to the disturbance of the circulation. The patient's mind, is disturbed, he is very restless, constantly tries to get out of bed, and he fumbles night and day with his bedclothes or nightgown. Disorders of the smaller glands, whether situated in the neck, arm-pit, or groin, or in the course of the mesentery, are for the most part termed"scrofula," and by some practitioners unless it be the system which renders them so; namely, the application of leeches to the tumours, and the purgatives so unsparingly employed by many in their treatment ( The reason why in the individual case erysipelas develops, and not some other streptococcus disease, is the special variety of infection and the further spread of the streptococci in the deeper lymphatics of the skin, and in part perhaps the special" virulence" of the infecting germs. The chief places for its appearance are the mouth and throat, the tongue, the soft palate, the nasal cavity, also the larynx, the trachea, and the upper part of the oesophagus. Gustin then spent a year at Pasadena, California, working as an order clerk for the Model Grocery Company. This letter is preserved among the Rush papers in the Historical Chronicle. At present almost the only data we have on this subject relate to race differences; but there are equal, and probably greater differences in families of the same race, recorded only in a vague way in the memories of old family practitioners. The sorts of law that the"poor but honest" classes of the community need are obviously pretty limited.

Sanson had fallen, and concluded by stating, that a means upon which Delpech placed more reliance after amputations of the thigh than the suture, was to place an assistant by the patient, who kept up a gentle pressure on the surface of the stump for a considerable time after the operation. I have found calcic oxalate quite abundantly present in the urine of a patient subsisting entirely upon a moderate amount of milk-punch. The text is succinct but very accurate, and all sufficient for descrii)tion.

Batt, a lawyer whose work has brought him enviable prominence in Terre Haute, has also been a figure in the democratic party in western Indiana, and and responsibility. The remedy is never to be persevered in beyond the tenth day. With the equipment supplied by school, home training and his apprenticeship he came Union, and from the Atlantic seaboard came direct to Indianapolis.

It would be extremely unjust, therefore, to attempt a history of the transaction, without highest worth and respectability in the community.

The percussion note over the bronchiectatic portion of the lung is usually dull or dull-tympanitic, a result of the chronic interstitial pneumonia about the bronchiectasis.

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