On the whole, the same as in Germany. That the blood contains such an enzyme is indicated by the fact that creatine is transformed to creatinine by blood serum more quickly than it is when merely dissolved in water.

PEARCE) It will be advisable to introduce the subject by a brief review of the essential structural features of the kidney, in so far as they apply to che excretory function of the organ.

Pain, then, is the first symptom, and the swelling occurs afterwards.

If you could afford me an explanation circumstantial evidence, you will much than a contr.idiction.

The specimen was covered with numerous tubercular follicles containing a number of giant cells. However, there is very little to establish this view, and the facts brought forward either allow of another explanation or need further confirmation. At eight this morning, skin clammy; head giddy; pulse small and quick; tongue white and furred; bowels uneasy, with pain about the umbilicus; a saline cathartic; after operation of the cathartic, camphor julep every two hours. Of course the medical attendant engaged in any individual case can alone be capable of judging of the expediency of such an experiment. Neuralgia following the wound of a nerve: seitsation restored through nervous anastomosis. From long "" acquaintance with Mm, he had always entertained the most profound respect for him as a professional brother and associate. Wastes: skin gets dry and scaly: improvement one day with relapse the next: discharges of fecal matter, mixed with thin pus and blood, most offensive: the exhaustion, pains, tenesmus, etc., render death welcome. A school for midwives was erected In Holland surgery was taught in the universities as in Italy, for in both states surgeons were never so despised as in other countries.

Among other notes as to its distribution it is stated that the Athenians" were free from taenia, but harbored bothriocephalus." is also the largest species of tapeworm seen in the human being, and nearly approaches the outer limit than any other, and it is safe to say that even a greater length can be attained, and, perhaps, was exemplified in the case reported in this paper. It mostly occurs where there is a large accumulation of cells, crowding together, especially where vessels are sparse, and the tissues dry. They rise early and spend the day in the open air, strolling at leisure, in a genial climate, amidst the most beautiful scenery. (H.) pretty conception "" of the resurrection as the termination of a chemical process. Fundus uteri, through which there exists an opening into the cavity of the ahdomen. The constant sloivness, however, with which poisonous fluids are absorbed, and even sometimes the entire failure of the absorption of these fluids, causes us to believe that the absorbing action is at least as much, probably more, interfered with, than the exhaling action in inflammations of serous membranes." After a few more observations, M.

By-and-by there is a constant discharge of bloody mucus, and part of the back, but there is also pain down the thighs, and in the nates and hips.


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