Probably, the Porri'go larva'lis or crusta lactea of infants. The question of the use of arterial sedatives has not yet been settled. I have observed leukocytosis late during the course of this malady. Blastema is preferred, inasmuch as itdoes not convey the idea of celluliir development. The disease begins with the symptoms of diffuse bronchitis. There are four classes of diseases to which soldiers are particularly liable, namely, intestinal, respirator)', renal, and venereal.

But the fact that I want you to keep in mind is that notwithstanding all care, and all good intention, surgery shortened to a few minutes this woman's life that might have lasted many years. The deep ulceration is specially hard to combat, and the cicatrization may necessitate tracheotomy, or the gradual dilatation, as practised by Schroetter. This substance is of a yellowish-brown colour; semitransparent; ervaringen fragile, when dry, but softening by heat; adhering to the teeth. Cruzi and transmitted by a bug (Conorldnus sanguisuga), was described by fever at Dum Dum, near Calcutta, and afterward described by him, in May, Leonard Rogers announeed the development of these parasites int.o flagellates from an epizoiUic disease called"carceag," and the genus was called in his liemoglobinuric fever of iMU'opean cattle, and in the same year Theol)ald fever, which, with F ( Those most axiA ehlorohydric acid gases, vapours of vinegar, nitrous add; and, what is, perhaps, the most ehUrinated linte, or any of the chlorides of the alkalies.

Neurotic tendencies, and is characterized by severe paroxysmal pains in the epigastrium, extending to the back and base of the chest. The intima is thickened, and to a less extent the media in the early stages. An active principle has been separated from.lalap, to convolvulus, the root of which possesses aperient properties, arid was once Extensively betrouwbaar used CotrvoiL'vuj,us Panduka'ius, C.

Little portions of the integument form on the centre of the wound, and the sides of the wound creep closer together, and the skin steals over the surface, until the chasm is perfectly closed.

It sparked Freud's notion of regression and was built upon by Mazurkiewicz, Pierre Janet, and other leaders of European psychiatry as well as by Adolf Meyer in America. The urine is acid, scanty, and highcolored. Many cases set in acutely with fever, abdominal tenderness, and the symptoms of ordinary acute peritonitis. The patient prefers to He on one side so that the head may be tilted slightly back, or on his back with a pillow between his shoulders so that the head falls back. Auscultation discloses most important signs during the stage of absorption. With hardlyworked horses they may possibly be allowed; but, in general cases, beans, without oats, would be too binding and stimulating, and would produce costiveness, and probably megrims or staggers. Marmorek, and later Charlton, has used his antistreptococcic serum extensively, and, although it does not act as a specific, it prevents the serious complications and invariably renders the attack mild. The heart symptoms may be completely masked by the general condition, and attention called to them only on the occurrence of embolism. Subsequent disinfection of the infected premises and the prohibition of grazing in infected pastures are matters of the utmost importance. A great mistake was made in placing on the same plane disease of the appendix and other hollow other. An examination of the heart and of the urine should not be overlooked. Its hue is best seen upon the back and the inner surface of the thighs.


Gross that when he was in Philadelphia and Physick were on one side; Wistar and Barton on the other." Barton, he said, was egotistical, a bad reader and speaker, Rush was enthusiastic and eloquent, an earnest believer in medicine and drugs. Cold pack may be used two or three times daily. If the drink contains any acid substance, it is apt to excoriate the mouth, or to irritate the throat already sore from disease, or the unpleasant taste of the drug may unnecessarily nauseate the horse.

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