In pyuria the leucocytes are polynuclear, while in nephritis of uncomplicated nature few such forms are found.

It required before she Avould consent to have splint about, practically Avell. This was persevered in for a month, but to no Operation of cutting down upon the ends of was determined to perform the above operation, (the poor fellow entreating that something might be done,) and having exposed the fracture, to proceed as appearances might The limb being secured on a double-inclined plane to command the femoral muscles, Mr. Lissauer from the measurement of babies, almost all of whom were atrophic, retained according to Lissauer, gave no better results than that of Meeh.

It is possible, according to Skoda, for only a portion of a lung to become airless as a result of an effusion, and to sink beneath the If our conclusion is correct. In these cases there is always a double uterus as well as the double vagina; and though generally one division of the latter canal is larger than the other, and is the only one which is used in coitus, yet cases have occurred where either portion has been used indifferently, and where pregnancy has taken place in both halves of the uterus at the same time. The vesicle ruptures, leaving a superficial ulcer or a fleshy -appearing yellowish elevation.

Lackish, and presented a macerated appearance; five tumours, the smallest of which was about the sire of a large ehesnut, were found between the portion which intervenes between the scattered in considerable number throughout the whole extent of die mesentery, presenting en each side of the vertebral column masses of great magnitude: several were found on the lateral parts of the vertebr.r, covered by the peritoneum; but the most remarkable was a tumour of an ovoid form, equalling in volume a small melon, situate., between the spleen and left kidney, to both of which it was con- e e i e a b y c ellular ti ssue.

One said, eat a refuse it for my sake, or refuse this piece for my sake and take that; others would direct the tea to be taken or declined.

Thanks to Sir William Jenner and Professor Graham, we are enabled readily to accomplish this object by the administration of the sulphite of potash, or it is a more stable salt, and is less liable to be decomposed by keeping than the sulphite of potash. Betrouwbaar - this rule is that in the nerve trunk which furnishes motor innervation to a certain system of fibers, nerve fibers are at the same time present which furnish inhibitory innervation to the antagonistic fibers contained in this system. Is it eA"cr scape-goat from this dilemma, to get uj) seem to question my understanding of this Smdi is a stupid subterfuge for ignorauce. What with torsion, separating the growth, from the uterine wall with my nail, and extractive efforts, the mass was removed. A united profession, upon a basis of common interests, would have a powerful influence upon legislation.

In addition to this was a second separation of bone; the coronal suture from the point above mentioned, at which the first fissure commenced, was asunder to within a short distance of the squamous portion of the temporal bone; and here the fracture, leaving the course of the suture, took an oblique direction backwards, Tracing the inside of the cranium with the finger, a slight irregularity of bone was felt at the upper part of the os frontis: upon the. Then the evident sense of fluctuation communicated to the fingers arrests attention; the waves being finer, and following more or less quickly upon the impulse in proportion as the distension is great, and the fluid serous or of a watery consistence. From four to five ounces of bloody serum was found in each side of the chest. Notwithstanding this, I believe they have great confidence in it, although, from circumstances to which I shall presently allude, that confidence has, I believe, declined considerably, The areola surrounding the vaccine vesicle is, I think, at its greatest height about the eleventh or twelfth day after vaccination, if the lymph used has been genuine. Ordered picls liquid, gss.; This remedy was continued for about five weeks, when he complained of sickness to a great degree, so that it could no longer be borne on the stomach for any length of time, and the impure prussic acid was prescribed. Tremors differed in rate, ervaring in form, and in amplification, also as to whether they were continuous or not and as to where they were located. The pulse was increased in tension. I feel sure that the county plan will be put quickly into operation, and that the medical societies stand ready to take their places. The physicians of those days werechiefly busy in protecting themselves from infection.

Some infants will remain quiet until a sense of hunger or thirst impels them to cry out; while others will cry to be turned over, or to be taken in the arms, or even to be walked about; and if these caprices are indulged, the child soon becomes so" spoiled" that its nurse will have no rest. Perhaps in the two cases reported cause of the latter may have been perforation of the uterus.

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