As a rule, the bluish white, symmetrical, opalescent appearance of the mucous patches surrounded by apparently healthy mucous membrane is in itself sufficiently characteristic, for the tertiary syphilitic ulcer seldom causes difficulty in diagnosis; yet the deep ulcer with foul-smelling disintegrated debris sometimes closely simulates a review breaking-down epithelioma, from which it is distinguished by the red areola surrounding the margin, by the edge of the ulcer not being raised, and by the absence of the fungating base. The mortality of illegitimate infants at each age period during the first year is about twice that of legitimate infants. In the same house with Ella C. Pays for lUelf In saving of horse flPHh ana horse feed Pido or shaftA. Inasmuch as the preparation of antiphthisin is declared to require such exceptional skill as practically to preclude its manufacture except under the immediate oversight of its discoverer, and as Professor Klebs himself is understood no longer to be in charge of the laboratory furnishing it, it must at the outset be admitted that there are grave uncertainties in its use ( There is more rheumatism, gout, lithemia or uric acid diathesis than at the seaboard. He is convinced that this method of applying electricity has yielded most marked and favorable results MANAGEMENT OP THE THIKD STAGE OP LABOR. The idea that this was Bright's disease without albuminuria was soon negatived. This affection is usually too apparent to be overlooked.

These being cured the induration graiually disappeared.

Another indication of the change to a land habitat is the nearly complete loss of the lateral line canals. The shop evagmation is present in the early stages in the selachian and may be traced through to adult life, when it occupies a position immediately ventral of the posterior lobe and dorsal to the saccus vasculosus.

The collapse and the extreme state of debility are thus explained as the result reviews of the altered condition of the sympathetic in the abdomen. Little uses borated cotton coiitaiiung fifteen per cent, of boracic acid, keojiing it wet externally with a solution of carbolic acid, which renders it more surely antiseptic. Richard, in a long review of the literature, confirms the eflicacy of vaccines in acute and chronic cases including fifty women in twelve to twenty-five days. The correction of the deformity was not complete, as some flexion remained. Dispensary, Los A CoMPEND ON Bacteriology, Including P.athogenic to the Germantown Hospital; late Demonstrator of and Chestnut Hill Hospital, Philadelphia. I lunched the little typewritten yellow slip. The attacks of dyspnoea are attended with aggravation of all the symptoms, swelling of the vessels of the neck, blueness of the face, and impending asphyxia:

Nor do all workers accept upon the application of auto-inoculation by graduated labor as exemplified by him.

In those days, when I"read medicine" under dear old Doctor M., it was a rule of practice, both among the doctors and the mothers and old women who did what they could for the sufiferers before the arrival of the doctor, to unload stomach and bowels wherever the symptoms indicated the presence of offending material in the digestive tract.

Objectively the fauces or larynx, as the case may be, are acutely inflamed and bright red, the inflammation, as a rule, being strikingly patchy in appearance; the inflammation is particularly noticeable on the lateral pharyngeal walls, while the uvula may be oedematous ( It is a most excellent practice to begin these legit frictions above the seat of the injury in order to empty the absorbents, so that they may the better accommodate the lymph from the injured tissues. Prolonged speaking, or singing, in the presence of marked chronic pharyngitis, often results in aching in the throat and back of the neck, whilst the voice gets weaker and weaker. An individual appears in the clinic with an inflamed throat, and we no longer surmise as to whether it may be a case of diphtheria without membrane formation or a membranous inflammation without diphtheria, but a culture is sent to the laboratory and the diagnosis is made on exact knowledge: coupons.

This mountain range reappears in Central America, lying north of the Orinoco, extending through the eastern part of Brazil to Uruguay. The district furnishes an immense number of small, quiet hotels and comfortable farmhouses, where summer visitors are well cared for at very moderate Liberty and Monticello are the two chief village resorts of this region, and these furnish excellent hotel accommodations.

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