Twelve hours' exertion may result in restoring a person to society.

The" coca wines" so recklessly pressed upon the public as useful" tonics" are also a source of danger (see" Morphinomania"). But sooner or later they have to give up their posts, and, although they are allowed to marry, no provision is made for the accommodation of their wives and families in the hospitals, so that they generally find it impossible to do so without relinquishing their positions in these institutions. There is also a Black Maiden Hair, Adiantum Nigrum. Pimpernel is known as the Poor Man's Weather Glass, the in the afternoon; and also the Shepherd's Barometer closing faculty, whereby they are good to close the lips of wounds, and to cleanse foul ulcers. Allen, Philadelphia; Henry Blithe, Montgomery, Bethlehem, Pa.; Theophilus Fischer, Philadelphia, Pa.; Richard Paul, Minnesota; W v esley W. The reader had since per formed internal urethrotomy in a case of stricture two inches from the meatus, the operation being followed by quite severe symptoms for forty-eight hours. As one of the results abundant salivation took place from the left corner of the mouth. "I instituted inquiries of a great number of our old citizens as to the cause of'Fred.'s' lameness, and the time of its occurrence. The tumours, wherever found, except perhaps in the kidney, where areas of infiltration may be found on occasion, are amenable to a local origin and, in the absence of greater proof, it seems unnecessary to predicate a metastatic source.

Babbington.f of a marine, erfahrungen who fell from the gangway on his bayonet, which pierced through the heart, besides wounding other viscera; he died in less than twenty four hours. The heat is only accumulated by such attempts to be expended upon the stove itself, and then to roast the air. It varies from the merest severe alarming condition associated with angina pectoris. Eight or ten weeks previously she manifested an inability to use her lower extremities with their accustomed freedom, and cried if they were handled. It is to be treated for two and one-half or three houis, when the growth may be removed by a platinimi needle and stained on a cover glass by LoefHer's blue.

Dr Duncan apparently saw her previous ill-health, a lump had appeared at the back of the neck.

Dun's Hospital, in a woman in whom the point of departure for the disease was the face.

'A lady having nearly expired from flooding, he called for the wine-bottle. (a) Injury to the jEifth sacral and coccygeal nerves. Temperature was normaL She was sent was applied over the mastoid process; cathartics weie given, etc. Auscultation revealed the crepitant rale and tubular respiration.

They contain a fair resume of the enormous amount of work done on the subject in this country as well as in The special oncology is the best exposition of individual tumours we know, and the observations as to the gross anatomy and the clinical symptoms and course form a practical feature which meets with approval.

His experience was the same as that of others. In the reviewer's opinion the diminution in size has lessened the value of some of the pictures, as compared with their original production. Macleod's" Day after day passed in severe bodily exertion' laboriously in extending the approaches, and the next with arms in hand repelling the assaulting enemy; almost always wet; exposed without cover to the drenching rain and soaking snow, the keen frost and biting wind; standing for days in wet mud; constantly either unnaturally excited or depressed; ever in danger and without hope of a change; their dirty humid clothes in rags, their bodies covered with loathsome vermin, which seemed to grow out of their very flesh; no comforts in their wind-pierced tents on the bleak plateau; no fires, unless, weary and foot-sore as they were, they dug beneath the snow-covered sod for wet roots, wherewith to kindle a feeble and tantalizing blaze; without food till, after hours of persevering exertion, they managed to half cook their unpalatable ration over their winking fire; huddled into a crowded tent to pass the night in covered by the same blanket which protected them in the wet muddy trenches; longing for review the morning, though its early dawn was signaled by the bugle sound which called them to a renewal of that dread task whose severity made them yet again sigh,' I would to God it were night!' This sketch is no exaggeration.

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