In the third an abscess in the posterior portion of the temporal lobe communicated with a fistula inside the dura, which allowed the passage of pus through the mastoid-parietal suture, resulting in originated from perforation of the tegmen tympani. He intends, however, to remain on the staff of the Western Hospital, where he is one of the most able surgeons in the department of general surgery. When the sinuses are tortuous, or pass in different directions, there may be more than one inner opening. Abscesses bursting into the pericardium or peritoneum are always fatal, and that quickly.

The next step is the curtailment of the scrotum. Place such a patient under such circumstances as preclude the bronchitis, and with the cause you preclude the result; send such a case to Australia, and there is an end of his Asthma, because there is an end of his bronchitis.

It furnishes dynamic energy by stimulating the rich phosphatic nerve sheaths.

If in addition to the destruction of the vessels inflammatory circulatory disturbances persist, the secretion of aqueous humor overrich in albumin in small quantities continues, and the clinical condition resulting is that of years, there was advanced pulmonary tuberculosis. The chief symptom of this complaint is At first this difficulty may be only felt at times; then it is always felt, though at some times much worse than at others this being due to spasm, occasioned by irritation of the diseased parts. In his experience, stonecarvers, bookbinders, mechanics, tailors, and printers, who have had one arm amputated below the elbow, have been able to take up their work again after a short course of reeducation. She had a normal pelvis, as well as a mitral lesion of the heart and dilatation with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic nephritis. Cases are on record in which simple venous thrombi were found to contain the elements of cancer, and in which therefore the cancer cells must have been developed in the thrombi themselves. Sometimes these vesicles communicate with a small bronchus; at others the bronchus leading to them is occluded. If, then, the acidosis appeared only late in the course of the attack, the explanation would be simple enough on the ground of starvation, but this is not a fact, as it is frequently found early, or even before the acute onset, so that at least in certain cases, as Rowland and Richards point out, the presence of these acids must be accounted for by a loss of power in the cells to oxidize carbohydrates. When there is very great distention pressure may increase the pain, but more commonly pressure relieves rather than augments it; the circulation is little if at all affected, and there is no symptomatic fever. The operation has therefore passed the experimental stage, and has legitimately established for itself a position among the most successful of operative procedures. Anderson of Yale that he has statistics- which http appear to prove the contrary. Doctor Lynah seemed to have improved on some of the earlier instruments, which were occasionally quite troublesome, though indispensable to the patient. Meyer believed that longer cuts should be made in infections of the tendinous sheaths, in osteomyelitis, etc., and then the Bier treatment applied. We especially commend Lovett's attitude toward prognosis, indicated in this statement:"There seems to be no time limit to the benefit to be derived from treatment." There has been far too much mirage of"spontaneous improvement." Lovett's treatment is, in a word, muscle training, and he is in the relation to infantile paralysis that Frenkel is to locomotor ataxia. The sharp curette is the suffering.

Hebberd would approve of his plan if Mr. With such truths staring one in the face is it not true that impoverished vital cells, robbed of their force, can delay resolution, or on the other hand a perfectly normal cell impart tone to every tissue? But a step further: is it not as uncomfortable to be too warm as too cold? Suppose assimilation to be practically normal and each cell getting its proper amount of nuclein and lecithin, yet the urine shows that more phosphates are being eliminated than should be. When on active duty abroad these men find themselves outranked by French, Itahan, and English surgeons.

During the past year she had had several attacks of peritonitis, confining her to bed for several weeks each time.

Kerley said that clinically there were differences between cases of the kind presented and those with enlargement of the thymus which came under observation, especially at autopsy (review). But assisted by counsel of selfcontrol instead of weakened by counsel of selfindulgcnce, youth would make a better fight for the preservation of its health No more convincing evidence of the laxity of male convictions on matters sexual could be adduced than the tone of the conversation at gatherings exclusively of men, or of gentlemen, if you please. Habits, hke thumb sucking in children (regarded as sources of pleasure), rather than as sexual, are on that account hard to overcome. These microorganisms were found mostly among the cells, although some of them were included // in the cells. I agreed with the attending physician that symptoms and findings pointed strongly in favor of cancer, but as we could not be positive it might be of some avail to attempt to build her up.

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