After forty-eight hours, a short vaginal douche of sterile water is given through a catheter, morning and night. They may be used alone to relieve flatulence, and one or other is commonly given along with purgatives to diminish any tendency to griping. New arrivals should abstain from much animal and stimulating food, with a view to avoid plethora, dyspepsia, malassimilation, and congestion of the already over-taxed liver and eliminative organs. It is when the paroxysms become irregular and imperfect, where the cold stage prevails over the hot stage, wher e the hot and the sweating stage are not.sufficiently developed to shake off the poison, that the constitution is most apt to suffer by a peculiar cachexia of which in some degree this patient presented a specimen. General Monk vigorously resented one of Cromwell's appointments in the person of a certain Mr. It is thus the most useful drug in bloodlessness (anaemia), in all conditions of impaired nutrition, in cases of wasting due to loss of blood or chronic discharges, in the condition of weakness following fevers, in last-named diseases it is given in large doses, doses given in water five times a day, or the dialysed iron. The ordinary formula recommended is: Veratria and extract of opium, one grain each, to be divided into ten pills, of which two pills are to be given the first day, three the second, four the third, five the fourth, and so on, increasing one pill each day, until the condition of the pulse or the irritation of the mucous membrane compels a diminution. Medicine, nevertheless, is necessary in order to condition is liable; but that medicine shoulctbe administered, not in the form of a stiinulating cordial, from the false supposition that the animal wants support after the fatigue and pain it has undergone, but in that of a purgative, in order to prevent an attack of fever, to which the animal is so naturally exposed after parturition, and which is so often hastened and aggravated by absurd management. Great care and judgment ought to be exercised in administering opium or its preparations to those patients of neurotic temperament; and above all, they ought to realize the daggers of habit formation in temporizing with the OXE HUXDEED AKD FIFTT-EIGHT THE CLINIC There is no therapeutic discovery that has been so great a blessing and so great a curse to mankind as the The credit of first discovering and applying the hypodermic syringe in the treatment of painful affections The physician resorts to the needle to enable him to keep at his duties and continue on his rounds, when otherwise exhausted nature would compel him to rest.

This consists of a concert which is designed to show the effect of music upon men whose nerves have been shattered by the high-tension strain of trench life, and who have thus been brought to any one of that variety of conditions described as"shell shock," although the term is not confined to the conditions brought on by the explosion of shells.

Pigment matter has been largely found in the by a pale substance soluble in acetic acid and in caustic alkalies." The capillaries of the nerve-centres usually contain it in this form (the larger particles not readily passing so far), and the granules often appear as though imbedded in the vascular walls.


The surrounding country shows a similar state of affairs, "" and in Calgary, from the amount of goitrous deformity I can see amongst the young women passing along the streets, I would expect about the same approximate percentage. He remembers having had a small, round, hard, moveable tumor on the side of the face for eighteen years, without any change of colour in the skin. The effect of the mercury, after the operation, as soon as the remedy had time to exert its special effect, was to entirely remove the EASY MODE OF APPLYING LEECHES. Too high feeding; allowing the cow to gc dry too long; not drawing oft" the milk when the bag becomes full before calving; humors in the system that collect at this tender place; and taking cold. In fact, the amount of urea expelled will depend on the amount of work done.

There gushed out a quantity of matter, perhaps a drachm, or more. His attention is dispersive; concentration very BOSTON reviews MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL unfolding (incomplete myeloginization, or smallness of cells, or fewer association fibres?) evidenced by tbe skull (brain) being slightly smaller than normal; possibly, also, by the high, narrow palate. Again, if different classes of persons in the same locality were being difference of employment, then the The following is a conclusion for" It could be clearly shown, by tracing the various classes of society in which there exists sufficient means of subsistence, beginning with the most humble, and passing on to the middle and upper classes, that a gradual deterioration in the duration of life takes place; and that just as life, with all its wealth, pomp, and magnificence, would seem to become more valuable and tempting, so are its opportunities and chances of enjoyment lessened.

There we shall see it in its true characters, stripped of those false shades, by which it is so frequently disguised in books. At the opening a projecting lip directs the current upwards and from the wall.

We intend in a future series of experiments to direct our attention to this In order that our views on this subject should not be misunderstood, it is necessary for us to state, that we do not consider the proportion of nitrogen, taken alone, to be an absolute measure of the nutritive power of our aliments; but as there is a total want of any positive data in regard to this subject, and;is so many different and contradictory it must be granted that any attempt to fix a standard for comj)arison is not without With respect to the capability for nutrition, we are far from denying that the physical condition, the stale of admixture, the amount of water and other inorganic matters, of fat, and lastly, the effects of cookery, mu.-t necessarily have a very great influence which requires to be noticed, namely the distinction between the absolute amount of nutritive matter and that j)ortioh of it which is in such a state as to be easily digested and assimilated by the system, in the.same way as a soil produced from minerals abounding in alkaline salts is not always the most fertile as regards plants with a predominance of alkaline bases, but the fertility bodies contained in a state in which they can matter may be inferior to one with a much Hmaller quantity as regards the uovrishing to the latest, as I'aris's Treatise on Diet, as well as our stuiidard works on Materia Medica, and wc think it will be allowed that we have not asserted too much. Some covering is, however, used by moat! people in civilized countries, partly for tidiness sake, and partly as an extra protection against' cold, wet, or heat, as well as because custom! demands it.

(d.) Its local recurrence after operation or on removal of the primary and due to the absorption of matter from an existing primary focus, the original malignant growth being due to a local irritant (Viechow).

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