The tumour, which is formed externally, opens first, and gives exit to a certain quaulity of iiijuid. There are two horizontal lamellae behind the alveolar process, which, uniting together, form part of the roof of the mouthy and divide it from the nose. As to a resulting lowering of pressure in the capillaries of internal organs due to the external hyperemia, we as yet know nothing positively, and it is by the further study of the pressure in the venous system that altitude effects upon human circulation will yield the most valuable results in the future. How much more so then, when, as in a case of acute intestinal obstruction, we have not those favorable conditions. The loosened flap is cut away by an incision on either side, running from the posterior caruncle to the upper angle of the field of operation.

'The tin foil and tin were connected with the opposite poles of the galvanic trough, and a uniform eff'ect kept up for five hours and a half, when the animal died. They may be employed in every case where topical bleedings are thought necessary, or where venesection cannot be perfermed. Hence watery and sniritous liquors are the prooer menttnm or tlie native virtues of vegetable and animal matters.

It is as accurate as the estimation of the anterior posterior by taking the diagonal conjugate.

Thro' my window, with the sunset, Books, beds, bottles, floor, and ceiling Wistful eve and perfumed pavement! Thro' the music breathes the blessed'TARING corpselike at the ceiling, I See the harsh, unrazored features. I think, too, it may be very fairly doubted, whether gangrene of the liver is the result of inflammation, properly so called, in any case; and I believe it would be a very interesting subject for inquiry, to consider how far this disease may be the result of hepatic apoplexy, or effusion of blood into the substance of the liver. The inner flap is made to correspond precisely with the outer; the assistant instantly grasping the inner flap, and thus completely commanding the- artery; so that, if the operator chooses, he may with safety perform the operation without a tourniquet. Therefore, after the second convulsion, a hypodermic injection of morphia was given. He was a graduate of the Long Island College Hospital, and had been practicing for about thirty years. Among the shipping, two cases of intermittent fever and five of diarrhoea. And as in jumped he, why then out jumped she, Like a hare, except for the pother. This is only an instance showing how the cell workers of the body know their own needs. - the dried fruit, which is sold in our shops, is pleasanter to lemttvum. A person may have a disordered mind, and still not be insane. The bottle is then to be closed with a ground glass stopper, and agitated ibr five minutes. Difficulty of control and prolapse had been complained of in three, in spite of belt and pad. These parts are nourished by a fluid called lymph. It is, in fact, a very different matter. This is especially so in infants and children. The formation of these coagula has evidently been a process long subsequent to the ligature of the external iliac; and although we have instances of this salutary process occurring every day in ulcerating arteries.of inferior size," it very seldom takes place in arteries of this magnitude, so as to obviate hemorrhage. Take of odmosa catechu, fbor ounces; kino, three ounces: cinnamon, nutmeg each, one ajsnoe; having mixed them with the opium and syrup, make them into an electuary.

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