We are not surprised to learn that the disease in question is alarmingly prevalent among our troops, serving in that far off region. Relating to amoeba?, as "" amoebic dysentery. I have already quoted the French writer who unconditionally writers I rind only Moran taking a similarly radical attitude. They end up on the streets sniffing thinner and trying to forget their past, present, and future. CONVOLU'TA (convolvo, to wrap together).

Without referring to the more ephemeral preparations, or to such as are of a proprietary character, or are used b)' the public for selfmedication, there is a large number of others, which are more or less frequently prescribed by physicians, or demanded by the public, but which are not recognized by the Pharmacopoeia, either because to be included in the official work, or because they originated subsequently to the appearance of that work, or for other reasons. Zone, under the corpus ciliare the capsule of the vitreous humor sends off an external lamina, which accompanies the retina, and is inserted with it into the forepart of the capsule of the lens, a little before its anterior edge; this is the zonula ciliaris or Zinnii, zonula or zone of Zinn, zone of Hatter; it is of a striated appearance and circular form, and assists in fixing the lens to the vitreous humor.

We have to remember also that in the meantime fecal matter is collecting, mucus, bacterial toxines and bacteria themselves are gathering, and damage from these sources with a recrudescence of the disturbance will follow unless evacuation is attained at suitable periods. If, now, we consider the tendency of special parts to degenerate, we find the lymphatic glands, the spleen, Peyer's patches, the solitary glands of the small intcstmes, all actively at work in the child.


Again, the fact that public hygiene is on the"carpet" at present should widen its circle of readers, especially as the presentation is interesting and to the point. Their fare had been wretched for at least a fidl year, and perhaps even two; they had lived of April, one child fell sick and died at the end of five days. Although croup is endemic with us, the twice in the course of the last twelve rears there have been veritable epidemics of it. The volume is neatly bound with flexible covers, and should be of decided value. Pustular syphilides, also moist syphilides on scrotum and about anus. In cases that recover spontaneously the foot is deformed and- the joint is stiffened. In seven pus was found, and firm adhesions in the majority. Term applied to various transverse fissure of the cerebellum. It is divided, externally, into a base, or its broad part; a superior and an inferior surface; and an anterior and posterior margin. The parts are so intensely hitter, that the plant is called MUNJEET. Iners', tree of Sumatra; bark is a condiment; seeds are used Cin'namon. Has tried to speak, but cannot articulate anything. A distenoion of the BLOOD-STONE. Kottmann, the result of clinical observations made in Prof. Wash the precipitate with hot Distilled Keep the product in well-stoppered bottles, protected from light.

Eddy and'history of Christian Science, a continuation of Carl Schurz's"Reminiscences of a Long Life," Burton J. It is mostlyobserved on the tibia and os coccygis. It may be sutured without special difficulty. Granuloma; a true tumor; a tumor composed of the products of aberrant growth of cells and review tissues of the individual in whom it is developed.

Hydrochloride, antipyretic and an somewhat similar to those of the salicylate, and powerful bactericide, even in minute doses. It now seems probable that we will be able to do away with the term swine plague The disease considered here answers to tne following requirements: (a) Infectious by association or other natural exposure; (b) the animal before death and the carcass after death show certain accepted symptoms which are clearly recognized as pertaining to cholera; (c) the blood is virulent and capable of reproducing the disease on inoculation into susceptible hogs; (d) attack and recovery confer immunity. Benign osteosarcoma; osteochondrophyte; cartilaginous growth, not a simple overgrowth or hyperplasia of pre-existing cartilage. Another reason for this delay is probably to be found in the greater susceptibility of different individuals, and in the condition of their blood. Matter in the urine may become lodged in the kidney, the ureter (duct leading from the kidney), the bladder or urethra (the duct leading from the bladder).

I have found muco-purulent fluid and even fecal concretion in cadavers dead from diverse diseases, so that I do not think such the appendix is surrounded with fibrinous exudate, and which may be accompanied by pus or not.

Stomach Water, of each, a sufficient quantity is tlie rhizome of Curcuma Zedoaria Roscoe. In the course of my professional experience I have known only one aged person whose death could not be distinctly referred to a particular disease, and who died really of the imperceptible progressive failing of the bodily functions, which alone constitutes a true gradual decay of old age. The generic name veratrum appears to be derived from the blackness of the rhizome, quasi vere atrum.

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