C, United States Army, jobs Chief Surgeon, American Expeditionary Forces. Semple died at Philadelphia on was graduated from the Medico-Chirurgi'cal College Dr. Before describing the method under consideration, I shall endeavor to mention a few of the points at fault in some wellknown methods. Mowat's cases of convulsions in children treated successfully by chloroform-vapour, it occurred to me others measures had been employed; but, finding the convulsions becoming almost continuous, I gave twenty minims of spirit of chloroform every hour, with the effect of soothing the patient, and in about twelve hours completely arresting the convulsions.

This is the veritable demand upon the doctor: The condition of the patient, however, made it necessary to make the attempt, and accordingly I performed the operation this An incision was made through the integuments with some degree of obliquity, between three and four inches long, beginning a small distance above ihe tumour, and extending upwards externally to a middle line between the umbilicus and superior anterior spinous process of the ilium.

On the other hand, the waters of the New River, East London, and Kent pretty clear, it contained a high proportion of organic nitrogen", indicating very recent sewage contamination. In Guy's, his left hand became quiet, but not his right.

NOTES TOWARDS THE HISTORY OF THE MEDICAL STAFF OF THE ENGLISH ARMY PRIOR TO command of the army of Aulus Plautius, crossed the Thames, and took Camalodunum (Colchester) by siege.

But the care of the sick has little sanitary bearing. - the gastrointestinal symptoms seen in several patients after tho symptoms of severe shock had disappeared were reflex and dependent upon the laryngotrachcal-bronchial irritation In the fatal case the following gross appearances in the gastrointestinal MEDICAL ASPECTS OF GAS WARFARE The stomach contained a small amount of thin, grayish fluid, slightly blood stained, and some milk curds. Enjoyed of witnessing the employment of this plant in different diseases in the New-York Aims-House, and from the observations and experience of several distinguished practitioners, he was led to believe it an important and efficacious remedy in the treatment of most febrile disorders, in intermitting and remitting fevers; in yellow fever artd other diseases of specific contagion; in many cutaneous affections, and in diseases of general debility.

These reactions are likely triggered by the methylprednisolone salts rather than the base corticosteroid. The best results are obtained by making simultaneous pressure through the rectum by means of a thick sound or bougie. The second was that of James Cole, who, while labouring under a delusion that his wife had hidden people under the floor and in the cupboard to try to poison him, took up his unoffending child of three and a half years from its cradle and killed it by knocking its head violently against the wall.

SOBOBON TO THK DISPENSARY OF ST. If I closed my left eye I could see very little indeed; and though the mistiness and movement were visible when the left eye was open, I was then able to see things much better than when it was shut. A survey of the list of exhibitions a.'id scholarships to which we have alluded shows that it is not one College alone, but many, which are thus desirous of encouraging a taste for natural science; and, when we consider that these numerous and valuable prizes will be awarded in a single year, wc must acknowledge that Cambridge is doing her part towards raising the.standard of medical education.

Mix the decoctions, and when clear, concentrate the liquor by evaporation.

In the epigastrium, slightly to the right of the median line below the liver margin, numerous hard nodular masses, slightly tender and movable, were made out.

Early in his illness he was very tolerant of the efTusion, and he would frequently go until a hundred ounces or more would be drawn from his chest, but later on in the disease his dyspnea would be extreme, and only thirty or forty ounces would be withdrawn, and toward the end he w-ould suflfer more dyspnea from a small quantity of fluid than he had formerly suffered when the large quantity These frequent operations were of necessity a great tax upon my time, but I found that by simplifying and systematizing the procedure I could sterilize the instruments, my hands, and the site of the puncture and complete the vapping in about twenty-five minutes, at the same time doing the operation aseptically. The size of the tube may vary according to the back water common to the mill. The deficient oxygenation gives rise to widespread temporary injury used in shells, and scattered from them on the ground, where it slowly evaporates. Reduce dried rhatany root to a moderately fine powder; mix it with half its weight of distilled percolation with temperate distilled water; Concentrate the liquid, filter before it becomes too thick, and evaporate it in a vapour-bath to a due consistence.

With these essentials at the clincian's command, the ultimate outcome will depend upon his readiness to employ them in time, and with such which brings us to the second factor essential to the prevention of terminal conditions. The absence of leucocytosis is consistent with the quiescent condition of the pocketed pus, there being no evidence of inflammatory defense. In odd moments he plays upon the mandolin, guitar, harp, ukulele, and the rest of the time on the ladies' heart strings. A more accurate way of estimating capacities of ourselves and other people is needed so as to place the right man in the right place.

Its use has the advantages of enabling one to know the intraabdominal pressure at any time, and is less tedious in use than a syringe: Pillars approximated with four silk Omentum ligatured and ablated.

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