The daily administration of potassium iodide does not hasten the removal of tubercle bacilli by stimulating the 2015 phagocytic power of endothelial cells. From all this hall it appears that the"culture" treponema has immunologically no relation to the virulent organism. To experimental medicine and pathological anatomy. If a vaginal discharge is present, a douche may be given at short intervals to get rid of the flow of pus which is keeping up the irritation.

Spinal deformities as kyphosis and scoliosis are liable to be produced by permitting the child to sit up in bed or to be carried about on the nurse's arm.

It seems that there are instances in which the thyroid enlarges without attracting attention and finally interferes with respiration and may cause sudden death by pressure on the blood vessels or by key reflex action through the nerves. The cerebellar cortex, results unlike that of the cerebrum, presents the same microscopic structure throughout its entire extent. Light flannel underclothing is essential, except in veiy warm summer weather. Such reproaches are surely equally misplaced and unmerited. These have been enumerated under Locomotor Ataxy, where the technique of Auto-Salvarsanised Serum administration has been described. When bleeding is going on rapidly it is absolutely necessary to stop it. The reason for the delay has ticket been variously given.

Assistant-Surgeon to Charing Cross Hospital, George Street, Beale, Lionel John, Esq. The important question of the role of the nasopharyngeal mucous membranes in the pathology of epidemic poliomyelitis has not been left out of account in the studies just published in The Journal of the dissemination of the infection through healthy carriers and the exposure to it of the person who has in this manner come into contact with it.


Some authors believe that operation should not be undertaken at once during the acute stage, but that efforts should be directed toward the support of the patient, by means of protoclysis and hypodermoclysis. Iji very severe cases the paralysis may extend from the lower to the upper limbs and even to the face. While the above were the usual doses administered, their size and frequency were changed to correspond with such indications as cyanosis, dyspnea, and toxicity. OThis article is based on an address delivered before the South Carolina prepared primarily for a South Carolina audience, the statements made therein apply equally well In other Southern States, especially those east of the Mississippi River. At home, Bath, Buxton, Strathpeffer, Harrogate, Woodhall, Llandrindod Wells, and Llangammarch are favourite resorts, and at Matlock Bath every arrangement for the treatment of the disease is carried out upon pure hydropathic and thermotherapeutic lines. Two years ago she noticed that she could not thread a needle or peel potatoes, owing to shaking of the fingers and hands; this shaking was present mainly when she tried to do such fine work and did not trouble her so much when she was she had difficulty in getting into bed and in turning in bed, owing to the stiffness. The total amount of tuberculin prepared and In the previous annual report the results of the experiments concerning the etiology of hog cholera were briefly described. The past history revealed that the patient had never been a strong person.

After it has thoroughly dried it may be folded inside a second piece of paper and forwarded in a mailing case. Hay, writing in the disease had been long familiarly known in that province, committing frequently great mischief, and sometimes (twenty-five years since) desolating the great stress, as indicating either that the disease was.

Bishop Butler, thus spoke of that shallow desultory mode of reading which was, Dr.

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