If the animal is excitable and robust, give less nourishing food, and more exercise; if weak, tone up the system with nourishing food. For several years past, a large portion of our mountain country has been visited by that insidious disease, typhoid fever, generally in the latter part of summer, and prevailing to about mid-winter.

These and kindred affections were essentially toxic in origin, due to the loss or perversion of the function of certain glands, such as the pituitary body, the thyroid, adrenals, testes, etc Dr. The fluid contained many cells.

Occasionally impregnation takes place before menstruation, but that is rare.

Thompson is a stockholder and director in the First State Bank of Gas City and the Citizens Bank of Jonesboro. But this matter will be thoroughly cleared up, when the journal itfelf comes to be publifiied. There was no other paralysis, and sphincter control returned at the end of a week. So much diversity is seen in the temperament and constitution of individuals, giving rise to such various combinations, that it would be in vain to expect that rules could be established invariable and unalterable in their application.

These places of amusement, besides numberless puplic balls, are open every night. By relation of association we mean that the microbe and the disease are found together.- Preceding and causing it, or foUovring as incidental, or the result of it, and acting as scavenger in the disease phenomena, the microbe and the disease are colleagues. But the idea that all fevers are hot is the traditional and popular one, and the world never gives up its first impressions.


We have recently had an exhibition on the part of one class of these people who appeared persistently before the Missouri Legislature in an effort to defeat legislation intended to protect the people from the hundreds of frauds and fakes now flourishing in this state: apollopharmacy.info/ibm. I am quite certain that in many of ihe cases in which the patient becomes livid, and in which the bronchial tubes become filled with frothy mucous, these results are attributable to the inspiration of impure air. However valuable they may "review" be as adjuvants, they should be regarded as only palliative remedies, possessing limited ctirative properties. There occurs a circumscribed inflammation around the tubercles giving rise to The tubercular foci thus formed are subject to various changes. Morphia, one-fifth grain, was ordered, and to be re. Whereas, the latter pursued a cooling plan of application of cold water over the head and body, and the use of very light covering; the object being not to keep up a sweat, but only a gentle perspiration, or merely a soft skin. Where the convulsions occur dfuring pregnancy, or in an anaemic patient, or where, as happens in inmntile eclampsia, they depend rather upon a superpolarity of the cerebro-spinal system that on actual toxaemia, we consider the inhalation of chloroform as unquestionably the best treatment for arresting the paroxysms. In order to render the turpentine vapor less disagreeable, oil of roses may be added, as did M. If a serous sac or fistulous canal exists in the swelling, it must be opened for the escape of the matter. Elliott and I began to use this method, but I still find that many persons do not know anything about it, and that others have tried it in a perfunctory way and have failed.

When a woman is told her labor will terminate in a given length of time and the prediction miscarries, she has not quite so much faith in her attendant. For remedies and general care refer to the article on dropsy in the Horse. Carefully distinguish this from Palpitation of the Heart, and compare the symptoms of the latter. The sensory areas supplied by the ulnar and the hand area supplied by coupon the median were affected. The case was left for twenty-four hours; then the sinus was slit up and cleaned out, upward and downward. Mark Stephenson of New York reports a case successfully treated by operation. His next move was to invest in a tract of land of fourteen acres at what is now Thirtieth Street and the Meyers gravel road.

It was an American procedure which had gone abroad and got a name.

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