Virtually, no allergic THE MONTH IN WASHINGTON (Cont.) surveys on the extent of illness and disability in the U: Treatment of Incontinence of Urine in and Treatment of Children.") Much more benefit can be gained from the use of sedatives than either stimulating or tonic remedies. Again, the association of symptoms is at times very puzzling. Never could the circulation have been understood, unless the anatomy of the heart and circulatory system had been studied. It flatters neither the vanity nor the scientific sense to exorcise an invisible enemy with something very like a censer. It becomes a most admirable remedy, and agrees any quantity, prove even seriously injurious.

Three hundred and twelve hours had been occupied in clinical lectures and examinations of diseases. Owing to its volatile properties and liability to decomposition, the inhaler should be applied immediately and retained to the patient's nose and mouth till full anesthesia has been induced. If the centrosome is single, it may be intra- or extra-nuclear, and ill either case is a centrosome-blepharoplast; if multiple, the portion connected with the nucleus is the centrosome, and that connected with the flagellum is the blepharoplast. Between the mwmm se in man and any of the pioper ocgnns of generation, as in women, we are at no loss to aooonnt for their general sterility and want of action. As an example of the confusion and multiplicity of terms we have: Frictional, Galvanic and Faradic electricities, contact electricity, magnetic electricity, static and dynamic electricity; then, too, we have many names for currents, as primary, secondary, inducing, induced, extra and extra-induced, etc.; and finally, as to batteries, their name is legion. New York: Longmans, Green This is a new book, that is to say, it contains all the latest information on lactation, constipation in infants, the use of dried milk, of petroleum, the treatment and cause of rickets, and the physiological principles of feeding. This, and not the restoration of anatomical continuity, caused the immediate disappearance of the paroxysms after operation, and vmder such circumstances it took some time, usually days or weeks, before the potential had time to reaccumulate in the.

One patient had been a chronic invalid for twenty years without diagnosis or treatment that had satisfied him. WALT ERS SUPERIOR IN DIASTASIC POWER TO ANY MALT PREPARATIONS HERETOFORE PRESENTED TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, AND WHAT THEY SAY IS BASED ON ANA LYSES.


At the time of teething there is an unusual mental development, the child begins to learn to speak, the sensitiveness of the nervous system becomes more pronounced, the child becomes master of movements previously automatic, and begins to creep and walk. This factor is called the biological value of protein, and so far as we know has only been studied by its authors and by Wilson in Absorption Coefficient calculated on Available Protein. In the latter family is classified Phonergates hicoloripes Stal, which, according to Wellman, produces a very painful bite in man in Angola.

It is also a decided laxative, the salts of the bile causing more fluid secretion to be discharged into the alimentary canal, especially the small intestine, and it certainly increases Often when the physician wants to relieve a deranged liver, especially if functional, a brisk purge is administered and emptying of the alimentary canal, often loses considerable bile, which in reality should be reabsorbed. It vomited continuously, and less than twenty hours after its last perfectly digested meal, the urine was found to contain an enormous amount of acetone A fourth case had almost the same histor)- as the third, except that the first vomitus and all following vomittis showed no evidence of food. Our limits will not allow of the transcription of the whole case, which is detailed at considerable length; we will, however, for the satisfaction of our readers, give the several diagnosis, formed at the time of each investigation by the stethoscope, and compare them with the results oi the jjost-mortem examination. If the continuous current is passed through a solution of K I the I will be attracted to the positive pole. The American profession should recognize the possibility of similar action in this country. The Freeman line of Surgical Supports places particular emphasis on orthopedic braces for use when conservative measures are indicated. In reptiles they are found in the form of an cerebral hiiib, where they become straight and turn outward to form the thin membranous wall of the hemisphere.

The details of medicinal treatment depend on the origin of the angina.

In plurisy and most other serious inflammations, from five to ten grains of Dover's powder usually conduces to sleep mainly by relieving the pain. Introduced by: ISMA Executive Committee Action: Referred to the ISMA Board of Trustees for further study and Whereas, The ISMA Commission on Medical Services is a commission created by the ISMA Constitution and Bylaws; and Whereas, The ISMA Constitution and Bylaws calls upon the Commission on Medical Services to"concern itself and assume special responsibility in obtaining information and giving counsel and advice to the Association with respect to all matters in which medical service comes into contact with any existing or proposed functions of government, including civil defense, rehabilitation of persons handicapped by abnormality or disease, medical service in welfare departments, maternal and child health programs sponsored through governmental agencies, medical care of military personnel, plans and programs for medical care of veterans, medical care for dependents of those in uniformed services of the government, plans and programs of the government for medical care now existing or which heretofore may be adopted by any special group, government programs for elimination of sexually transmitted diseases and other communicable diseases, and all programs and plans for medical care to be provided through municipal, state or federal governments;" and Whereas, These policy areas are addressed by the Commission on Legislation and other ad hoc committees established to serve specific purposes; and Whereas, It is important that ISMA, as an organization led by busy volunteers, must continue to strive to make the best and most efficient use of those members' time who generously agree to serve on commissions and committees; now therefore be it of the Commission on Medical Services. We understand that no officers outside the Medical Corps have died of wounds and that the deaths from hostilities have been limited to this corps, though several officers and privates of the line have died of disease or accident, including those due to practice with bombs and fire arms in France, or from strictly military risks, as with aeroplanes and from attack while on guard latter in a gallant attempt at rescuing another. So long as the injury has grown out of some more or less inadvertent omission of duty the criminal law will not intervene. Facility located one hour east of Pittsburgh suburbs. Other men, instead of taking pains slowly to inject the skin and underlying structures, hurriedly infiltrate the tissues, thus forcibly distending them with the solution, and they consequently get an analgesia that is produced by physical means, instead of depending on the action of the fibrin that is slowly deposited by the quinine and urea.

Repeated and carefully applied antiseptic dressings must be carried out.

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