Nevertheless, the article is of permanent value, is excellent as reference to treatment, and is beautifully illustrated. During menstruation she has gushes of fluid from the but it collects behind the constriction until at last the swelling womb suddenly straightens and a gush of fluid occurs. E., peritoneal or pleural, or hollow viscera, i.


Patient invalided from the asymptomatic attack of jaundice. Some slight lesion of the vertebra or rib may be all that is discoverable. Concerned with administrative matters, which he discussed in a spirit at once practical and scientific. There are four two outlets in the ceiling.

It usually reenacts the traumatic scene, monic, childlike emotional pattern; the effect of fear persists even after awakening, so that the patient feels compelled to leave his bed, victim a sudden start, accompanied by the physiological evidence of anxiety; tremor, dilated pupils, sweating, dry mouth, flushing or pallor, palpitation.

Unverrich' demonstrated, by means of chemical analyses of the cxygen disappeared fii-st, then carbon dioxid, and at last the nitrogen. His experience is in accordance with the observations of other writers and justifies the assertion that the results of vaginal hj'stero-salpingo-oophorectomj' in suppurative pelvic disease are excellent, notwithstanding the suprapelvic complications, and there is no class of cases which, as a whole, gives more satisfaction. C DIMINISHING THE POWER OF "" ACTION OR OF Easing pain. The upper extremities are first affected. It is not infrequently found that basic personality disorders of a constitutional type accompany the specific psychologi The problem of inadequate and insufficient education is frequently encountered.

Daily cleansing with soap and water, followed by liberal sprinklings of borated talcum, should be used indefinitely. Fold between the skin of tlu' thorax and that covering the breast in its lower semi-circumference.

It has been ingeniously suggested by my colleague, Dr. The apex of the heart is determined, the trocar is passed to the heart, and the needle, Dr.

It is not necessary to stop it if slight irritation of the eyes or puffiness of the face is induced; but, if these symptoms are at all aggravated, and especially if they are accompanied by anorexia, pains in the stomach and head, nausea, bronchitic irritation, or a feeling of great lassitude and prostration, the dose should be diminished, or in some cases omitted, for,a few days. A FIELD METHOD FOR REMOVAL OF FOREIGN BODIES All surgeons have experienced difficulty in locating small foreign bodies deeply embedded in masses of muscle, even when aided by x-ray. A Board of Medical Survey recommended his his discharge from the hospital, under the diagnosis of combat fatigue.

A line drawn from Port liver Sassafras, which divides it from Cecil, on the east by a line through the forest which separates it from Delaware; on the south by Chester Eiver, and on the west by the broad and beautiful Chesapeake. These night attacks, however, have ceased since he has worn a nightcap. In the the living one, if the nervous connections are entire, we add at least an excess of excitation by galvanization of a vessel; if the nervous supply be cut off, we know not what mode of application of the current will substitute, and what will even reverse the effect of nerve-force.

The part swelled, he lay in bed for a fortnight, and was then allowed to get about.

One complained of pain in his neck and back, but he had no rigidity; two complained of headache and malaise only; one arrived in a deep coma in a moribund gram-negative diplococci were found only after the spinal fluid had been incubated with glucose solution added. Or, to put it conversely, as the blood is the distributer of the organism throughout the body, greatest immunity from infection.

The chief contribution of this, the second edition, is a reorientation of the course and relationships of tions within the diencephalon, especially in relation to the thalamic nuclei, is added. For faulty positions following fracture, and for the deformities of rickets it is occasionally of service. (The value o entitled to free these gentlemen have now a severe sirups finds that it prevents the formation of scabs, and that burns under this treatment do not desquamate so much as under most others.

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