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On in a back-kitchen she was taken suddenly with a severe hemorrhage which quickly filled an ordinary sized chamber-vessel which happened to be at hand. But we must here confine ourselves to a short account of his teaching, and its influence upon the progress of the healing art. A surgeon was at this juncture called in, and he strangely merely to give exit to the flatus, when large pieces of fecal matter were voided, but fortunately that suggestion was overruled by two of the most eminent members of the profession.

As soon as this is done, a bhint hook can be introduced throuo-h the transverse sHt behind the thyroid gland, which then can be drawn down with some force, exposing the two or three upper rings of the trachea. There are, no doubt, certain complicated forms of fracture which require operative treatment, but these are uncommon, and regarding them the opinions of all capable surgeons would be unanimous. In this condition the breathing ceases after expiration, the face swells, the body becomes cyanosed, and the child may fall unconscious and a convulsion follow. Governmental aid abroad is being extended to those who cannot help themselves. The bile-acids are not traceable in the blood, having been probably rapidly decomposed therein. Are not these instructions a prominent and important part of treatment? I lay no claim either to originality or to the discovery of startling facts, in this paper, having quoted freely from such authors as I found available. The deafness comes on about the media is rarely seen following mumps. The presence of the bodies within the cells is always pathological; they have never been seen in normal blood. Consequently the tubercular are dangerous, but only by close contact, such as sleeping in the same bed. The mode of detecting acute hydrocephalus, whether caused by acute distension of the ventricles on the first day of a cerebrospinal meningitis, or during the slow, insidious onset of a tuberculous meningitis, is by percussion of the skull, as described elsewhere in this article The writer considers percussion of the skull the only definite means of determining whether there is an increase of fluid in the ventricles or the subarac moid space causing pressure effects, and there ore demanding immediate relie There are cases of cerebrospinal meningitis with marked cerebral st-mptoms, in which puncture is scarcely indicated, because, though delirium hSche, hypercTsthesia, and sopor are present, we cannot demonstrate That the?e is any increase of fluid in the subarachnoid space and yentricles of the brain; therefore, lumbar puncture would not relieve pressure or which a certain amount of purulent or suppurative fluid is removed from he hiflamed district, seems a rather unscientific mode of treatment of meningitis shoidd be ready to tide over critical periods, such as occur when intracranial in the headache and the patient becomes rational, we may wait a few days to see whether the previous symptoms return, or whether the patient continues to improve.

Our insurance companies are outside of the sphere of governmental activities, and it can be accepted as an axiom that they will be more efficient if they continue to be private institutions, but as they serve public ends they must be under strict control to prevent private abuses and misuse of funds. "They resemble each other somewhat as Rubella occurs in epidemics and is rarely seen sporadically. It is not a common disease; there were only years.

Used with the requisite precautions, unlike mercury, leave no sting behind them. The junior author has recently seen pulmonary gangrene follow pneumonia in a man aged forty-seven years, in whom the physical signs were practically negative until very shortly before death, when cavernous breath sounds were heard at the right base accompanied by very slight impairment of resonance. Hector Mackenzie in London and Howitz in Copenhagen introduced the method of feeding. Ingestion of food causes a great deal of distress and a variety of dyspeptic symptoms. On the other hand, they are common causes exceedingly rare. Hemiplegia may be due to the rupture of a miliary aneurism on the tiny artery "" rimning in the internal capsule,"the artery of cerebral area.

He who can truthfully say: Homo sum et nihil hutnani a me alienum puto, is a man indeed.

The train service, though more or less crude for want of rolling stock all of which had to be brought from Japan was prompt. In a lax state of the sphincters, and a loose and hypcrtrophied condition of the mucous membrane from which they spring, piles come down, even when the patient stands or walks about. Although boils may occur at the very commencement of the disease, it j is especially in the later stages that they and carbuncles become very common.

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