The motions of the iris also are three little frjena, or filaments of lymph, may be seen passing legit iimnediately from beliind the pupillary edge of the iris to the anterior capsule of the lens. Roberts said: It seems to me that this question is almost exactly the same as the one with which surgeons struggled ten years ago. At the last commencement of one of our Western schools,"forty per cent, of the graduating class had been admitted on diplomas from literary or scientific colleges. It is said to be present in the various excreta of the diseased animal, such as the discharges from the nose, the saliva, the urine and the feces. Spiral, the median, the ulnar, in cases having an obscure attributed to Mr. The lateral processes disappear, but the neuroglia originally surrounding them persists legitimate as the caput cornupost of Rolando. On the other hand, the study of the thoracic pressure has demonstrated that the intra-thoracic pressure increases in the dyspnoea dependent on insufficiency of the left ventricle, and that it is in direct relation to the increase in volume of the lung, The intra-thoracic pressure is, on the contrary, diminished in the dyspnoea due to insufficiency of the right ventricle, and is in relation with a diminution of volume of the thorax, which so constitutes an active phenomenon in cases of pulmonary anaemia. The ideal evacuation hospital can better be constructed under tentage rather than by adapting it partly to buildings which may be available, because tents may be put where desired, the whole active' working part of the hospital assembled in a very small area, and thus littler haub brought to a minimum and evacuation facilities arranged for the maximum output with the least possible effort.

These were rolls of flannelette and flannelette blanketing, thousands of yards of gauze, three cases of large pads, besides layettes, review babies' blankets, adhesive plaster, and many other nursery requisites, which, inasmuch as we had not sent in a requisition, created a comfortable sense of the presence of a Co-operator behind the scenes who had When the day of discharge of the first cases arrived, it was found that families had made, and could make, no provision for even the irreducible minimum of clothing for the new members. Tidy, had, among other causes, produced a great strain upon his mental powers, often totally preventing sleep. These pills could have been prescribed for the purpose of bringing the system under A stimulating purgative is necessary in this species of constipation, although the tension and tenderness of the bowels, on pressure, and thestateof the blood-vessels, may render bleeding and blistering necessary; for when the disease has been removed byit, the paralytic affection of the upper extremities is always much less than when a solution of the Epsom salt, in an infusion of senna, was exhibited under the direction of another physician of the same institution: code.

And a competent operator is not likely to remove from the donor a quantity of blood larger than he is well able to lose.

Invasion of cortex by meningitis. Any knowledge he had confirmed the views of Dr.

Permit me to call attention, somewhat tardily, to such a coincidence. Don't assume that the' man you deal with is a scamp or is honest, but see to it that he will do better to be honest, and give him no chance to be In battle or business, whatever the game, In law or in love it is ever the same; In the struggle for power or the scramble for pelf, Let this be your motto: Rely on yourself! The victor is he who can go it alone. G., friendly societies and their medical Koumiss, in treatment of nau'ioa and vomitmg. Clift in preparing the catalogue, and arranging the preparations, and could bear testimony to the unwearied exertions of that gentleman: discount. The House-Committee on the out-patient department of the London accuracy of the statistics, which assert that one-fourth of the entire population of the metropolis is in the almost continuous receipt of gratuitous medical relief, may possibly be open to question"; and nearly all the hospitals whose reports I have perused, or to which I have applied for information, adopt a similarly palliative tone respecting the extent and abuse of out-patient relief. That it is obvious at a glance, in others it is so slight that it is very apt to be overlooked. The first of these appeared under the form of an answer to, or rather a remark on, a letter purporting to come from is a corresponileut, who had sianed himself" Atropos." Perhaps he might here be trick thus practised by publications of this Condcsceiided to wiite hiiaseli a letter, iu order thnf he inieht thereby have a pood pre- I iifiiti'tf CDiiiievioii wiih the t'lini of the hitherto maintain' d our sfroufd; and we do receive the vitu )era'ion of the outca-'s o( medical society- of men, who. In the acute cases arsenic was of little use, but it gave excellent results in the chronic cases, and in the others it seemed to confer immunity, or, if they contracted the affection, it was of a mild type and easily cured with quinine. As regards the administration of iron and arsenic, how should the first of these be administered? If there is reason to fear digestive derangements, by combining its use with that of hydrochloric acid.

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