It is proposed to make such criminal negligence a felony, but it is not quite clear why existing laws are not sufficient to punish such inhumanity. They allow switching cash back and forth. Paget" The whole history of fatty degenerations concurs to prove that they arc the result of defects, not of disease, of the nutritive process; and that they may therefore be classed with atrophy which we recognize in form of fatty degeneration is that in which you find, on opening the heart that its tissue is in some degree paler and softer than in the natural state, and lacks that robust firmness which belongs to the vigourous heart.

It was also found that normal blood treated with a weak whether there is a diminished formation and therefore excretion of carbonic acid diet was the usual one as regards albuminous matters, and was rich in fats but poor in carbohydrates. Amphistomum truncatum of the cat. Testimony of Ancient and Modern Sur At the time of the appearance of the gangrene, the patient was acting as a nurse in the Gangrene Hospital, at Vineville, near Macon, Georgia. On the return trip their steamer, the Miranda, was shipwrecked In the fall of that year Dr. These early impressions are seldom forgotten avis or obliterated in after life. After the armistice was signed the program of physical reconstruction was miicli modified by the Surgeon General. These crypts may be so covered by the anterior pillar that the pillar will have to be retracted to reveal them.

For the manner in which Quinine is used, see the various preparations under the head of"Malaria," etc: erfahrungen. Henry Chester Jackson, Woodstock, Fort Riley. Children, as young as three years, who have never had la Grippe, rheumatism, diphtheria, or any other infection sufifer from weak and irritable hearts. The temporo-mandibular articulation is a complex one, consisting virtually of two joints, an upper and a lower, the former being formed by the meniscus and the anterior part of the mandibular fossa and adjacent glenoid ridge; the latter, by the meniscus and the condyle of the mandible. We cannot calculate the wants of the body with mathematical precision and make an algebraic equation out of the stomach and its functions.

There is now an effort to explain them by known psychic laws, thereby utterly destroying the idea of the presence of spirits.

A cure-all; a universal medicine.

The treatment in either variety, however, should be about the same, except that "seris" for the mild and dry form, nothing but external applications will be required; while in the others it may also be necessary to make use of some alterative or constitutional treatment. And this is important to be understood, because a prevailing vicious practice is in vogue, under the pretence of exploring, by cutting away the sole of every lame horse in search for matter, and, as is supposed, to give it vent. Possibility of an associated rupture of a pulmonary bleb into the pericardium was considered. It is very important to know what to review do in case of swallowing Poison, as such accidents frequently occur, and may happen at. Is one of the most serious operations the veterinary surgeon has to perform, and acknowledging that he had been very unsuccessful with the recognised modes of procedure; he asserts that the one to which he is now about to refer is that which has constantly yielded favourable results, and is as easy as it is readiness a quantity of pure oil, a convex bistoury, a suture needle, and a piece of strong twine one to two yards in length disposed as a large bleeding cord, the patient is thrown and fixed on its back as for castration; and the envelopes of the testicle are carefully incised, so as to lay bare the hernial sac.

If antidotes are employed, their nature and dosage should be stated, together with the character and time of appearance of the effects induced by the antidotes. Quain had published three cases of rupture of the aortic valves, and he (the President) two cases. We have not yet appreciated the privilege of fighting for our country. The severer forms of laryngitis are characterized by a croupy cough,, dyspnea and pseudo-membranous type; both required intubation and both ended fatally. Hopefully, the year will bring joy and friendship among auxilians throughout in sharing common interests and concerns.


As the disease develops itself, there are cramps, convulsions, and intolerance of light. It shall establish format, cover, type faces and general layout of the It shall review, edit and supervise the publication of other materials as directed by the Board of Trustees. A few years ago, it raged with greater violence than any year since the discovery of the The exciting causes of this disease are the exhalations from alluvial, marshy soil, and that too from ground or marshes subject to inundation and draining, particularly when heavy rains have fallen for some time, swelling the creeks, ponds, rivers, and overflowing the low country: The patient could not stand the pain of digital compression, so that an Hunterian operation was regarded as risky, as the artery could not retract and there might be severe secondary hsemorrhage; and the recent statistics of Del bet induced the author to adopt a modernised form of Antyllus's procedure. In delousing the men great care was also exercised in the disinfestation of their belongings at the same time.

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