After the virulence of the culture has been attenuated to these degrees their cultivation is continued at The more attenuated culture represents Pasteur's first, the weaker vaccine, while the less attenuated is the second or stronger vaccine (premier et deuxieme vaccin). Well, he had been operated on J. On the other hand, in susceptible animals which possess a smaller quantity of anthrax destroying substances a greater or lesser number of the bacilli remain active, form capsules and become more resistant, producing also capsuled progeny.

The report from the Section on Practice, by Db. Such, therefore, is what is meant by diagnosis, and prognosis; and I cannot too strongly recommend the most careful attention in eslablishino' the former. Judging from certain responses, we have not been totally successful in our objective.

The excised portion embraced the entire circumference of the pylorus, and the part corresponding to the greater curvature was over ten centimetres long and six centimetres wide. Hence the distention of the tendons or fibres of these muscles is associated with the distention of the tendons or fibres of the diaphragm; and when the latter are pained by the enlargement or heat of the inflamed liver, the former sympathize with them. Haemophilus inlluemae, and Streptococcus pyogenes (group A p-hemolytic streptococcil.

The patient was the product of a full-term, otherwise was no family history of cutaneous disease. As a rule, t more than four iii;ikiiij; it rcs'-iiiMi- soiih-w tlii- Lite of an iiisi-ct or tlu' will appear sotiicwlial fliish.-d and will fed hf)t. The opsonic method is the only one definitely known to be connected with the therapeutic actions of the serum, and it is the one that has been most generally accepted in the past.

It is sincerely hoped that this JOURNAL issue will assist physicians in better understanding Thank you for the complimentary copy of the September issue of the Hawaii Medical Journal this past week. The patient has remained entirely well.

You reflect on the fact tiiat statistics of cures are not given. One is really in Detroit, because there are electric cars every half-hour to the'' City of the Straits. The refreshment rooms were guarded by a large placard, which read,"The guests are requested to pass out of the buffet after fifteen minutes." In spite of this, most of the guests appeared to have succeeded in obtaining all they wished of champagne, sweets and more solid refreshment. - chronic bronchitis was pretty general throughout the lung, but there was no tubercular deposit. That these same changes occur in man after the customary therapeutic dose have been confirmed by autopsy. This seems to originate from the pain occasioned by the accumulation of the sensorial power of volition, which now who possess accumulated sensorial power, but want motive to excite it into such actions of the muscles or ideas, as might in part The accumulation of sensorial power from the defect of accustomed actions seems to give rise to some inordinate muscular motions, as the incessant jumping of a squirrel confined in a cage, and some of the motions of children confined too long in schools, grief or disappointed love, but where the patient sits perpetually occasioned by accumulations of sensorial power; and the violent insanities to increase of motive; that is, to those pains or want of pleasure, which excite aversion or desire. The disposition of the frontal canal differs considerablv on the sides. Sheen, of Cardiff, writes:" The brief notes I give below illustrate the value of nitrite of amyl and nitro-glycerine in one of the sudden and distressing, ursemic asthma.

Such hypertrophy occurs in no other form of neuritis. Wholesome food grown on uninfected soil is sometimes subsequently infected by the excrements or the blood of affected animals which have been bled. All crave companionship and encouragement, particularly when young, and these gatherings help to counteract the sterilizing influence of that isolation in which so many men have to work. Its situation was directly under the sclera and over the iris and pupil, so that vision was obstructed.

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