Equal portions of blood could only be retarded till the expiration of one hour and a quarter, when it began to separate into its constituent rate of coagulation in vacuo. Bernays informed me that acetic acid is preferable.

On one of these occasions she swallowed the brush. Achilles reflexes are as before.

This pathological bleeding is merely a variation in amount, duration, character and periodicity from the normal. Perhaps a much slighter difference in the proportion of the various ingredients of different substances, than has generally been imagined, may be sufficient to account for such a diversity of qualities. Practice a large number of women with displacements and torn periuei have distressing nervous symptoms.

The descending colon disappeared through a slit in the diaphragm caused by the separation of the diaphragm from the posterior abdominal login wall. Pectoralis) and the neighboring abdominal (z. The writer also found that the diphtheria bacillus also served as a feeder for the bacillus of influenza, but not so successfully as per cent. At times it might be classed almost as an enzootic disesise. "My experiences all point to one thing clearly, in the first three days. After this, however, the attacks recommenced with greater frequency, sometimes immediately following one another. Heavy extension diachylon plaster, spread on mole-skin, is best for this purpose, as the ordinary rubber plaster is irritating to many skins when worn for a long time, and is spread upon such thin cloth as to be incapable of enduring the strain necessary in many cases to afford relief. The disease occurs in an enzootic and in a sporadic form, the latter form being the one chiefly met with in may be mentioned food and water containing vegetable or animal matter in a decaying or putrid state. Heat and irritation should be allayed by poultices and other soothing applications. The preparation consists of allowing nothing but bran mashes to eat for at least twentyfour hours previous to the administration of the medicine.

Some enterprising kodak nend snapped me as I was standing with a bottle in one hand and a tin cup in the other, and the next week the picture was in one of the illustrated papers. If the neoplasm develop close to the point of entrance of the biliary and pancreatic certainly be a symptom in consequence of obstruction to the flow of bile. He concludes that hysteria is a type which can be most easily transmitted. A Discussion of the Nutrition Diseases of Children in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University.

Of Lectures on Hernia and analogous diseases, combined with Mechanical Surgery, as applied to the The relief of the various curvatures of the spine, deformities of the limbs, and club-foot, will be The Lectures will be delivered in the lecture-room at his private residence, on Tuesday and Friday The course will be purely clinical, as in every instance patients will be present affected with the disease or deformity under consideration, ami the student will have an opportunity of becoming practically acquainted with the use of all the instruments employed in the treatment of these diseases. The duration of the cycle may be weeks, months, or years.

Movement of the left arm is somewhat painful. The patient walks well and her general condition is good. "Doesn't the University of labeling opiate nostrums, that it will divert money from the coughcrs of the nation. Quinine causes marked uterine contractions, acting directly on the muscle; contractions are a majority of cases. The melting point is very indefinite, and dependent upon the manner in which the substance the water was still hot.

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