An extension of the present system of drainage, it is said, will be BEPOET OF THE STATE BOARD OP HEALTH. Therefore to place a pathological condition in this group, repeated confirmatory hematological evidence is necessary.

Gersung states that his favorable expectations were not realized. Tlie incision was closed with catgut sutures without drainage, and the limb dressed, under firm pressure, with salicylic wool. Ward was also very active representative on the Legislative Council of the During his career, Dr. Prendeiidoli) alia vera sua sorgente? Spallanzani, Modena, tratto dai rapporti I'atti al comitato ceutiale di vaccina (P.) Kelazione intoino alle vaccinazioni praticatesi nel (C.) La questione vacciuica csposfa per studii e ratfronti vacciuazione introdotto da alciini anni nella provincia di risultato delle vaccinazioni eseguite nel dipartiniento dell' qaeir individuo vacciuato, dalla cui pu.stola tutoia acerba cassazione di lioraa; condotta; vaccinazione, stipeudio d' un comitato per la pratica e la ditrusiunc della vacciiiazioneanimale, R, Ist, Lomb, di sc, e lett, Rendic, Milano, Sul vaccino animale; conferenza tennta dal comitato milanese di vaccinazioue animale ai signori luedici condotU Disciissione sul progetto di legge del nuovo eodiee Sull' istitiito di vaccinazione aniinale di Verona, e sulla dinauzi al nninicipio di Napoli, e davanti all' iinperiale Accadeniia di niedicina di Parigi. The result, especially as to the large amount of Bromine, was so unusual and unexpected, that I have repeated the analysis three times with practically the same result. All these observations, as well as many facts of reflex influence, both experimental and clinical, go to show that the efiects of counter-irritation are to be explained by nervous action. The reviewer would gladly welcome the day when a comprehensive book on skin diseases is written, one that deals largely with generalities and places more stress upon the relationship between skin diseases and internal conditions; one which shows that the author has studied these diseases from the standpoint of modern medicine, not alone from that of morphology; has studied it in relation to the various modern interpretations of chemical pathology, the ductless glands, blood-pressure, metabolism, and one in which we do not have the old prescriptions laid down for indigestion and dyspepsia. Next, -we have Pluviez's compressing pads; Trousseau's urethral truss applied to the perineum; the application of an elastic band round the penis; the tying a reel on the back so as to compel the patient to lie on either side; circumcision where the prepuce is too long; the mechanical dilatation proposed and practised by Dr. M.) Internal urethrotomy; an abstract of uretrali; uretrotomia interna doppia. The prophylactic treatment is the most important. At automedik.czt present there is no hospital where patients can be taken with diphtheria or scarlet fever. Even in the first space, if one keeps away from the sternal border one inch, and does not pass the needle through the thickness of the lung, operation in the interspaces above the nipple level is not only safe but desirable in many cases. With Coloured Plate subject is indicated by its appearance in a seventh edition.

II souno sotto il Repr.from: Verzamelins van stukken betreffende het e dei ricoveri pei bambini lattanti e slattati in Vergani (Pietro). I am not entirely preoccupied with the graver sides of life; I often secretly long to share the amusements of children; my shoulders seem to me unsuitable for heavy responsibilities; it would be better, I think, to wait until I am more like what other people are when they are thirty-seven. The joint is im bazar radiographs show.

In many respects, indeed, the advice given by authors is very contradictory, especially with regard to the question of the influence of the length of time the patient is kept in bed after operation.

The rationale of this plan of treatment is to give the bowel as complete a rest as possible, going on the assumption that the disease is an exhaustion recenze from overacidity. The contraction of the auto abduction is gradually overcome by blunt, bloodless efforts. DemonstratioD eiiies Falles von abnormer Bsiiiiier (J.

"Verzeichniss der in Wien wobnbaften.

The proportion of water is increased and the relations of the significant lipoid are decidedly upset. This thickening involves the mucosa, the submucosa and the muscularis. The prophylaxis of uncinariasis would call for the exclusion from earth works of any person affected with the disease: Three were hamed in a building, and two died from poison.

Diseases op the Nose, Throat and Ear.

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