If gangrene takes place, the odor becomes fetid, and the expectoration contains fragments of dead, soft, and cartilaginous tissue, as may be.

A few drops more of the acid brought about the complete solution of the membrane. In judging of the latter we need not consider the direct mortality so much as the tendency to a return of the disease. I ordered the pepsin powders as before, and found, Monday morning, that the food was retained immediately on their use. Next, observe the course of the hypogastric plexus just beneath the peritoneum at the promontory of the sacrum. Operation is not always feasible ( This is especially true of that portion of the small intestine supplied with a long mesentery. - all sorts of pretexts are given for this persecution at all times.

The acceleration'of pulse is rightly called essential, because it is always present It is seldom thb case. In this way the intermenstrual period is lengthened and the duration of the haemorrhage The first examinations of those proposing to enter the study of medidne and law, under the direction of the Regents of the University of the State of New York, in accordance with the provisions of the new law, were held during the last week of September. In the second great movement of races, viz., the immigration from other countries, the problem is wider and the questions more complex. The operation was a success as far as regards tl)e removal of the tumor, uid consequent prolongation of life; it was a failure with reference to the restoration of the voice. Subsequently her wounds were treated hke ordinary burns, with carron proved a very soothing and cooling application. In the matter of treatment, which is always possible and unusually practical, great stress is laid upon the care of the patient and his general condition, factors sometimes overlooked in the supervision of abnormal states apparently so definitely local as troubles with the skin. Offers just that mild diversion which is needed, particularly if the patients are provided with the right sort of a companion, which is quite an important point. On the contrary, he graduated the distances to be walked ver)' carefully, even to the distance in feet.

It has been used with great benefit for chronic constipation, and it may be prescribed advan tageously as an adjuvant in retention of urine and pre-emiuence for the excellence of its flavor, dehcacy, and soundness. An elastic tube is preferable to rectal insufflation as a diagnostic test in all cases where, from the location of the wound of entrance and the probable course of the bullet, there is reason to believe' that this organ is the seat of injury. It is believed that it may help towards the objective study of consciousness itself, to the forming of a clear notion of mental diseases, and to the employment of a more effective method of treating It will be noticed from all that I have said, that by hypnotism I understand the influence of suggestion on the willing and susceptible mind, whether this suggestion be offered under the names and processes of mesmerism, electrobiology, animal magnetism, or produced by hypnotism by the method of Braid. Sinuses may be fi'eely laid open, and suitable dressing employed, to encourage a healthy action and spontaneous cure.

I leave this to the physiologists, and psychologists, who grace this assembly with their presence, and who are ready to take part in the discussion of hypnotism after I have done with my paper.

The close relationship between the visceral and parietal peritoneum to the abdominal muscles is to be considered, especially during the period of the disease when hemorrhage is most likely to occur, since at this time even a mild traumatism to these muscles could do much harm.

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