Such attacks differ from the advent of the true amaurosis in their sudden access, in not having been preceded by dimness of vision, muscae volitantes, flashes of light, pain, and symptoms of like character.

When the vapor of any oi the substances under consideration is inhaled in proper dilution, a similar expectorant action is attained. The minimum drachms of the diluted acid frequently, but not invariably, cause subacute poisoning and death, in horses, within an hour. DISEASES OF THE TRACHEA AND BRONCHI. The heart is too small for its work and the" fellow can't help it." the undue distension of the vessels, the subsequent reaction and passive congestion, and the ultimate nerve- weakening, functional irregularity, inability for mental application, delusions, etc., later described as neurasthenia. A limited number of bacteria (micrococci) may even exist within the blood in health, and this fact accounts for suppuration occurring when the tissuesare severely injured, without solution of continuity. An attack of bronchitis prevented him from receiving his friends on the day expected. It is gratifying to report the fact that the Fellows of the Society have shown recently an increasing disposition to pay the annual assessment with promptness; most of the District Societies, responding to the energetic efforts of their Treasurers, very nearly cancelled their assessmentaccounts for the year just closed, so that the list of delinquents in the various Districts was shorter at the end of this year than ever before, although the membership of the Society has received large accessions. The fascal discharges are soft and pasty, and offensive flatus containing sulphuretted hydrogen escapes from the intestines after the administration of sulphur. GALEN himself, who ordinarily used the word whenever the flux was believed to take place from the upper part of the body to the lower.

I have waded for days in the Shoals in my conchological trips, drinking freely of the river water, with a tendency to diarrhoea at the time, without having been affected.

It has in the past been used exclusively for Jews (Kosher food being the rule) except ae regards the private patients, but since the war were accommodated there. The latter were never omitted when the case assumed an aspect at all threatening, and were uniformly beneficial. "Homicidal mania," the judge is reported to have said," shows no delusion; it merely shows a morbid desire for blood. The patches of Peyer were thickened and of an indigo-blue color. She soon left the hospital, continuing for some time under my care as outpatient, and improved so much that she soon asked permission to marry; the symptoms being all relieved. Indeed, it has been proved that, unless warranted by special indications, active interference has an unfavorable effect upon the course of pneumonia; and IHetl is right in affirming that this disease, when treated by bleeding, more often terminates fatally than where no venesection has been employed. Predisposing and of the exciting cause. Griffin speaks directly at the of medicine locally, regionally, and him to support that organization the Hospital Medical Staff Section Endorsed leasing company of the Ohio State Medical Association We lease all foreign and domestic makes and models including Mercedes, Jaguar, The Ohio State Medical Journal Ohio State University College of Franklin; member OSMA and AMA. He had daily from six to eight thin dark-brown stools, attended with much griping pain. - nik Woh is the fortunate possessor of a hatil azimai that has been in hei' family for generations and was originally brought fi-om Mecca.

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