In the last few years two so-called charitable hospitals have been established in Canton for the treatment of the sick according to native methods, but no surgery is practised at these institutions. But, so far as my knowledge extends, I am forced to support the latter.

The former he subdivided into animal reviews and organic. Upon serious consideration, however, this undertaking will appear in its true magnitude, and the futility, at present at least, of attempting to control the threatening situation in Africa in this manner, will be apparent. From an economic standpoint alone this is an important subject as most of the severe infections occur in the wage earning class and loss of use of the hand, means the loss of legit means of earning a livelihood. This treatment is contraindicated in patients with hypertension, marked valvular lesions or myocardial changes, in alcoholics and in pregnancy. He took a severe cough, spat some blood, was confined to bed for six or seven weeks, and from that time to the date of admission, though able to go about, was unfit for work. The disease requires erfahrung the antiphlogistic treatment. It is conceivable that splenectomy may take, in the future a larger role than it seems to me to occupy at the present time. There is but cold comfort for the victim of tropic splenomegaly in the knowledge that his malady is one that can be scientifically and accurately diagnosticated, and yet it is of the highest importance that his physician apply this scientific and accurate method of diagnosis. I believe Emerson is credited with having said,"If a man preach a better sermon, write a better book or make a better mouse trap than his neighbor, though he make his home in a wilderness, the world will make a beaten path to his door." Emerson had much more to do with preaching sermons and writing books than making eroids mouse-traps, and preaching and writing are certainly the most valuable and valued means of publicity. We imagine few hereafter, who regard their position in the Profession, will, under whatever plea of friendship, humanity, personal rights, or even conscience, step aside from the strict path indicated by the code of ethics or other rules of the Association.

There are operations on the dead body, but there are no clinical. This stupefies the flies, when they may authors, very recently published in a state journal, says the editor of the American Jour, of Surgery, we find the passages:"after removal of an acute appendix" and"the unmasking of a chronic appendix in ambush." Of course, the author means by"an acute appendix""an acutely or chronically inflamed appendix" or"an acute appendicitis." But why carry the inelegant slang of the operating room into the manuscript of a presumably dignified address, into the printed page of permanent medical literature!"An acute appendix is of a piece with"the patient had no temperature" and with the numerous other instances of slang that are found in the manuscripts of those who ought to know better. In manv instances of the different varieties of misplaced gestation the catamenia are suspended; frequently, however, they appear regularly in each of the early months, and in other examples they are either profuse or limited in character. Other times they will swear they saw a mouse cling to a woman's skirt, or a snake wound around someone's neck. The illustrations have been made in great part from material taken from the author's own clinical work. I; he had a solid, bard lump at the apex prostate felt irregular, but there was nothing absolutely characteristic of carcinoma. Each ounce of the syrup contained five grains of iron and This preparation is strongly recommended by Professor Hannon, of the University of Brussels, as a substitute for the tri- nitrate of Bismuth, The following are some of the advantages attributed to it: It is very soluble in the gastric juice, and its action is very prompt, without producing that sensation of weight in the stomach which often follows the tri -nitrate; hence it can be continued much longer than the latter preparation; its alkaline properties give it the great advantage of neutralizing the excess of acidity which so often exists in the stomach in the various forms of indigestion. This portion is already dim and lustreless from the exposure. In the use of the English language he was conservative and preferred that our tongue should be left to the natural processes of evolution and not urged forcibly into novel paths by enthusiastic doctrinaires.

It was finally discovered that she had that stone in the pelvis of her kidney.

Since forest belts usually occur near water, it is in the neighbourhood of the latter that G.fuscxi is generally found, though it also occurs in forest belts where there is no water in the immediate vicinity, and may even be found in forest a few kilometres distant from the exclusively along roads and paths. I am thus particular," says his biographer," in specifying the dates, which I have ascertained by a reference to his juurnol, becauiw they are connected with a remarkable fact in the history of vaccination.

It is interesting to note that these patients either died BOSTON MBDWAL AND BUBGWAL JOUBNAL of tuberculosis quite promptly or else recovered entirely so far as we know at present.

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