The prognosis also depends upon the type of the disease. In the neighbourhood of the portal vein, that is, in the centre of the triangular interlobular space where in health may be seen one or two small bile-ducts in tT'ansverse section, there are noAv seen one or more large irregularly-shaped spaces lined Avith columnar epithelium. Whenever malaria complicates the case I am verj' fond of giving a mixture containing one part of Fowler's solution of arsenic to nine of the syrup of iodide of iron.

Also, an occasional muscle which arises from the vaginal process of the temporal bone, or the angle of the petrous bone, or the sprue of the sphenoid, and loses itself in the inferior constrictor of the pharynx; it is separated from the stylopharyngeus by the glossopharyngeal nerve, and by some is described as a part of this muscle. They are industrious fanners who grow millet, corn, and manioc, and who keep small herds of goats, sheep, and cattle. Meningeal hemorrhage is sometimes the mortality from this disease among soldiers and seamen was often very large. When first seen his pronunciation of many consonants, especially p, t, k, s, was defective, and he added the syllables" ida,"" eda," to nearly every word that he spoke.

Seldom can bdv murmur be heard when the patient is in any other than a recumbent posture (login).

These important fundamental characteristics of extrathoracic forms of clinical tuberculosis are essentially identical with those which characterize chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. In one large and handsome octavo By the Same Author.

Muriate of pilocarpine one-fourth per cent., teaspoonful to the vision, so that fingers could be counted in the temporal field.

It is possible that the increase in the amount of urine may, to a certain extent, be an indication of the degree of destruction of the kidney substance. Complete recovery is possible but not probable. When the patient complains of great exhaustion after a movement of the bowels, it is well to manage it so as to get the bowels opened just before bedtime. They were known by the name of Padati, Ashvarudha, Ratharudha, and Gajarudha respectively.

Has been cleared up to a large extent by modem methods of bacteriological investigation.

It is a noteworthy fact, however, as Lees in a recent article in Tin-; Amekicax Jouijnal ok tiik MiiDicAL Sciences has pointed out, that Flint years ago maintained the possibility of the production of the mitral direct murmur without the existence of any mitral disease. Given the lead, it may be said Avithout fear of over-statement that no other cause of the granular kidney is as efficacious, though as only a minority of the population are subjected to the influence of this powerful Avords, the painter or plumber, be his end Avhat it may, is more likely than not by the time he has reached it to have acquired this organic impairment. Chronic cases with free discharge of pus have the most extended course, lasting often for months or years; and the outlook depends largely on the condition of the digestive The most formidable cases are those of retention of pus, which distends the renal pelvis and destroys the parenchyma, leading to toxaemia or to the rupture of the sac and the establishment of a fistula. I recently saw her and the lung that had been collapsed was almost clear of rales and the snow-storm that existed in the right chest, had completely disappeared except for a little bit.

In the meantime, all subsequent descriptions and discussions of this mosquito in this paper will be provisionally under the In its general appearance Anopheles atropos is a very dark, almost black insect and it is only when viewed closely and in strong light that its coloration becomes distinct.

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