Obstinate constipation nevertheless continued, and, after six weeks, death occurred.

This abscess was opened about a fortnight after the commencement of the disease, and discharged a large quantity of pus.

He spoke in high terms of the Scotch system of boarding out the chronic and harmless cases in private house.i, and recommended its adoption in the rural counties of England among the cottages of the English, within a fixed radius from each county asylum, supervision and general management being conducted by the committee and officers of the asylum. These two coats were in apposition.

Occasionally the latter appears swollen, owing to the effusion of serum into the fiber-layer. A water-cushion was ordered for the back. The lattei eluded in the definition given, for, while brain do occasionally cause aphasia either by damagin becility) or in a more circumscribed fashion, I cases in which the child is apbasic because ho through his visual or tactile sense he has no memory-picture of words from which to draw. If a rare case were admitted, all the students ought to have an opportunity of seeing it.

It is sometimes said that it is wonderful how the heart can go on always without rest; but this is an egregious mistake: the heart reposes for two-thirds of its time, thus: first, the muscles of the auricles contract, and then repose; secondly, the muscles of the ventricles, and then they repose: there is no action for one-third of the time of the about two-thirds of its life. In dieselbe Richtung weisen die spater hier zu besprechenden Beobachtungen iiber das Sinken des Blutdruckes im Schlafe bei Hypertonikern. These cases will recover, under gentle and judicious attention to the constitution, and by careful support and tonics, including a cautious administration of mercury.

The diagnosis as to whether the intermittency be due to the drug, or to the necessities of the patient being aggravated, would rest to a great extent on the conditions under which the drug was given.

Such a method might be of advantage in the vascular or aneurismal variety, but certainly not in the colloid or cystic forms. For there was not, and there is not, any possible doubt of the fact that a large number of the cases of"gastric ulcer"" are in truth cases of appendicitis. The"cycle of life" involves a happy and charming tranquillity, and contentment, and death is a painless and peaceful end to our labours. However, we do not have facilities to make comprehen sive or complete investigation, and the claims made by advertisers in behalf of goods, services and medicinal preparations, apparatus or physical appliances are to be regarded as those of the advertisers only.

As a result, advances have been made in membership, legislation, public relations and field services. There was afterwards considerable pain, but it was limited to the point where the pin protruded.

Auch an Schnitten, die weiter vorne VerschmJilerung der Rinde zu Tage, wahrend des Mark sich farben gewisse Lichtung im Bereieh der Markstrahlung zu finden. Lasionen derselben bewirken Spracbstorungen nur soweit, als sie Babnen zwiscben T und F unterbrecben. His station is equally striking.

He might attempt to cure the disease by rest and attention to the this was now quite discarded in cases both jof injury and disease, and the third course, Published monthly hy BLANCHARD Sf LEA, Philad'a, for One dollar a of the Medical Sciences," who remit the Annual Subscription, Five Dollars, in advance, in which case both periodicals are sent by mail free of postage. The result of the constant attention of the Guardians to vaccination has been most successful. After the second dose of antimony, I prescribed sulphate of quinine and sulphate of magnesia in water acidulated with sulphuric acid, every six hours, and lemonade in abundance as drink; the child had had one dose of day. She had contracted the disease through a blood transfusion in a Lafayette hospital.

Although the heavy use of alcohol may be associated with persons prone to fugue, the fugue is not a part of the familiar alcoholic reported to be a frequent accompani Multiple personality. For the future, the operations at Charing Cross Hospital will take The Infirmary of the Spalding Union Workhouse is to be enlarged medical staff by the appointment of a resident assistant house-surgeon, two dental surgeons, and a non-resident dispenser.

In each instance these, so far from having acted prejudicially, had proved of service in treating vaginitis.

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