There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again." To no class of people does this apply more aptly than to physicians, and especially to medical examiners for life insurance companies. Streptococcus salivarius was absolutely constant in the mouth. We have been told avis with much blowing of trumpets and beating of drums that we were to have a selective draft. All the polypi which presented were removed with scissors. Ueber eiiie neue Bebaiidlungsinetbode lirien bei acuten tieberliafteTi Krankbeiteu.

Bi-eathed freely yet has not been washed, fed, or otherwise attended to.

By manipulation the extension may be slightly increased beyond the patient's voluntary power, and this without causing much pain, but the fingers promptly return to their accustomed position. As a drying agent which reduces inflammation and effects the covering of the affected area with a horny epidermal layer; this action is specially seen in moist eczema, in erosions, excoriations, and superficial ulcerations.

Devoted to liomceopatliy and the collateral sciences. Proud and fungous Flefh,may be done by the ufeof all gentle cauftick Medicines,as wafhing the Sores with blue, green, or"white Vitriol- water, but the blue is the ftrongeft, and may be made by putting an Ounce oi Roman Vitriol to a Pint of fairWater,and letting it (land till it is all diflolved.

After coaptation of the margins of the wound, the Peru balsam is poured over the entire surface, which is then covered with thin layers of gauze moistened with balsam, and an ordinary dressing. Syphilis ravages with greater severity those places where the subjects contract it abnormally, that is to say, by extra-genital inoculation. Shortly afterwards Mettler published his paper. No distinct history of syphilis; admits the use of tobacco to excess; drinks" moderately." About four weeks ago, after he had been at work shaking some carpets, he felt severe pains in his right wrist, and noticed it was a little swollen. Smith to depress the blades when making traction in a direction of the pelvic axis be carried out, who does not see that they will be very likely to slip from the head and impinge with their posterior edges upon the sacral portion of the In cases of easy delivery, in consequence of ample pelvis or proportionately diminutive head, Ojeander's rule may work tolerably well. There was a small class of practitioners, however, who did not fall into this habit.

It would be better far to consult a good specialist who would prescribe from the first an antiseptic treatment proportioned to pared with filtered and boiled water, may be employed preferably in hyperaemic conjunc intensity (while watching with care the practitioner will make use of a cold solution with which to wet his compresses, which, must be applied to the half-opened eyes five or six times a day. Manges, Medical Reserve Corps, have been issued assigning INIajor George C. Material! k meditsinskoi geografii i sta. Hull, de la luxation confienitale nuilatei alc (b- la liaiiohe par la leczeiiin zwicuisci wrodzouych stawu biodrovvego. G.) The radical cure of hernia, inguinal, femoral, and Socin. Rontgenoscopy, or examination by means of the fluorescent screen, is one of the important methods of Rontgen diagnosis: erfahrungen. It was removed with very little trouble, and the opening has decreased to a small fistula which will require an operation.

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