Potass., also drop doses of tinct. The X-Ray and Radium Group includes fibroids causing serious symptoms, in patients growths, complications such as ovarian tumors or pregnancy, contraindicate raying.

In all cases it was more important to watch the effects of antipyretics upon the heart and vaso-motor control of the circulation than upon the temperature range. Respectfully yours, carry with it the endorsement of the editors.

Additional care required which can be provided by the paramedics is then initiated. The time that had elapsed in the men from whom the serum was obtained, after the crisis, varied from one day to three months, and in all these cases the same results followed the injection of the serum."" The explanation of these facts was that the blood of immune persons contains a substance which they called antipneumotoxine, antidotal to the pneumotoxine, developing during the course of the disease, owing to some action of the pneumotoxine upon the serum, until it is present in sufficient quantity to neutralize the pneumotoxine, and thence persisting during the period of immunity." The Klemperers report six cases with the crisis appearing in from six to twelve hours after injection, with slowing of pulse and respiration. It is only an empty cavity of the stomach, which can be reached from every direction, that can be thorouglily cleansed and thus service rendered more accessible for other The stomach-douche devised by me will satisfy all the above-mentioned requirements.

Anyone witnessing the the great number of ungainly, ill-assorted horses which, were in type more Standardbred than anything else, but which, if entered in the Standardbred classes, would test have received little attention from the THE INTRINSIC VALUE OP AMERICAN BLOOD. If these do not operate in six hours, give If the first emetic does not cleanse the stomach well, which may be known by the continued oppression and sense of uneasiness in this organ, as well as by the tainted or foul breath, dull headache, slimy appearance of the tongue and bad taste, another emetic, composed of lobelia and extract of bayberry, ten grains of each, must be given the following day. The right, recipes or loiver Orifice, C.

At times it is impossible to cleai it up, when there is considerable edema am infiltration of the lungs, even when sixty pe! cent, of oxygen is given. To oppose the apothecaries, as they now were called, the physicians and surgeons joined forces against these encroachers on their special privileges, as they regarded them, and claimed that the apothecaries did not possess the necessary qualifications for the practice of medicine. I have had a modification of it made, by dispensing with the handle part altogether, shortening the blades a little, making both ends alike and capable of tightening by the thumb screw. The logical effect of such change of force would be to facilitate the speedy expulsion The advantages of a persistent expanding force, for the dilatation of the natural canals and passages of the soft parts of the body, are well understood How quickly, for instance, are the sphincter muscleovercome by the application of unintermitting i opposing force.

Type - it is sufficient for me to be able to affirm to-day as positive, that the anterior and posterior roots of the nerves which arise from the cord have differeift functions; that the posterior appear to be more particularly devoted to sensibility, while the anterior appear more especially As promised by Magendie, the next number contains a second article on the same subject, entitled,"Experiments on the function curious to know what the effect of cutting the dorsal or ventral roots would be upon the convulsions caused by strychnia, he proceeded to decide the question by means of experiments.

An electrical engineer is one who controls electrical power, and if he is really skilful as an engineer he controls it so that it accomplishes results not accomplished before.

The structure consists of a retiform connective tissue, the trabecular of which are formed of ramified corpuscles which may or The net work is so stuffed with lymph corpuscles that a section without previous penciling is indistinguishable from granulation tissue. " Os" is a noun of the neuter gender, and in the third declension. Except some references in medical papers of the time, there has, hitherto, I believe, been absolutely no record of the case, altho I am thankful to say that as a result of the discoveries that have since been made literally millions of lives must have been saved, both of negroes and of white men, who otherwise would have inevitably become infected with the disease." that have been sent in, that there is such a remarkable unanimity of opinion. With the microscope the diagnosis from reviews tinea tonsurans could be easily made out. Customer - there was slight stenosis of the mitral valve. This is probably the most important disease of cows from the standpoint of public health, and it is also the most prevalent. Many are physically younger at three score than the average of their fellows is at fifty, and one writer has said that he has met"with few or no cases of death from"old age," everybody dying of some recognized disease. The lady, were girls, and seven boys, and, with the exception of two who were twins, they were all single births.

The magnitude of the strain (bend) induced by a mechanical stimulus helps regulate the regional amount of bone formation.

And therefore as the Nerves are of a very compad and folid Form, and can be braced and extended in fuch Manner as has been obferved, and confequently endued with Elafticity, they muft "login" eafily and fuddenly communicate all Senfations to the Imagination, there being no Part of the Body which does not participate of fome little Fibrillin or Threads detached from them j or, according to fome, there being no Part of the Body, which is not more or lefs adapted to rec(;ive the nervous Juice; by which Means a Nerves; fo that whenever an animal Body is touched on any Part, it is prefently fenfible of that Touch, by virtue of the Communication which they keep between the Head Now as to Motion, to which the Nerves are equally fuhfervient, that (I think) is termed Voluntary ifi a Man, and spontaneous in a brute Creature, as the one is faid to duced by the Determination of the Animal Spirits; for when any Creature goes to move, the Spirits are thought to be detached in a more than ordinary Quantity into thofe Parts which are to be put in motion.

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