To the Fifth Edition of the"Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin." In one beautiful quarto volume, with handsomely colored plates representing about one hundred The additions to the present edition of this useful little work will be found principally in the sections on the blow-pipe, the reactions of the metals, and the systems of quantitative and qualitative analysis. It is traditional hereabout that celery acts upon" the water". Rayer and others show that the presence of.salts in the serum is necessary for the blood to be oxygenizable, and consequently that tlie cheiaical phenomena of respiration may be effected. He sent the servant out of the room on some pretext; and, on her return, she found him coming from the window, which he had opened; and he then asked the witness whether she did not smell gas. - vaginodynia implies pain of the vagina and nothing else, and has nothing to do with the cause.

Pearse examined his throat, found it dusky-red, and the uvula to have that peculiar frelatinous aspect arches of the palate, part of the soft palate, and the pharynx, but, by depressing the tongue, we could see the erect epiglottis covered with the same tough lymph. There was dulness on percussion over the mass up to one inch above the umbilicus, but no impairment cf resonance elsewhere.

Pour faire ressortir deux applications pratiques des doctrines nouvelles, je rappellerai que Texistence du bacille est un signe palhognomouique it la phthisic, et que la connaissance du parasite nous impose une propbylaxie La valeur diagnostique de Texamen microscopique des crachats tuberculeux, bien monlree pour la premiere fois par Balmer et Frantzel, ne paratt plus discutable aujourd'hui.

I was to give one hour lecture weekly on hygiene to freshmen, who were required to attend this course, and was to have charge of a course in animal physiology as part of the work required of students making a major in biology.

" These researches on the existence of an alkaloid occurring in the body during disease have been this year singularly confirmed physiologically by Dr. Shepherd, Rodger Simonetti, Rosa G. I have no doubt that the antidote had been administered more freely than was necessary. - were it a gun warranted to kill two hundred thousand men in one campaign, and wounding as many more, I would have no doubt as to its prompt recognition in'Europe. The Committee remark nponthe successfiil manner in which the land has been prepared for irrigation and cultivation, which, in respect of the first estate purchased, is now in a state of great productiveness. During the preceding four months he had lost flesh rapidly, so much so indeed, that during that Physical examination revealed little, and it was evidently clear that a diagnosis must be made on the history of the case, rather than on present conditions. In the absence of adhesions it may be A stone may become lodged in any part of the common duct. A fiill account of its proceedings would occupy more space than we have at present at disposal; and therefore we will limit ourselves to a mere enumeration of the subjects which it has had under consideration each year, and regarding which it has, in the interests of the public and of the profession, made representations to members of the Government and the Houses of Parliament, Medical Practitioners' (Colonies) Bill; the Poor- Relief Bill; the Pharmacy Bill; Baby-farming.

Methyl-picoline resernbled picoline in its action, except that twitchings and muscular tremors made their appearance. Here is an animal that died two hours ago; from it every portion of blood that could be extracted was extracted. The bandsmen were supposed to be available for carrying the wounded away, but it was a mere supposition; they were neither taught the duty, nor were there any existing orders or means for making them do it; and, practically, when the wounded were removed, they were carried we have systematically organised and trained" Bearer Companies", complete in their essentials of materkl and personnel for all the duties between the fighting lines and the field-hospitals, including those of transport as well as those of the dressing-stations. Even they"do work better and with greater safety to health wlicn their work is frequently intermitted; but these intermittencies should be at short intervals and lasting a short time, not at long intervals and lasting longer. From hydrophobia from the bite of a cat" was returned.

In the first, we should be trying to arrest the haemorrhage instead of giving stimulant.

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