May 15, 2004

Money, Money, Money

So we're nesting today. Kirky's mother is up and she is truly a gift to us. She has an incredible amount of energy and runs circles around us. I dont know what we'd do without her help around our house - it's cleaner than it's ever been.

Earlier Kirky was "folding" plastic bags that we use for the dogs and we just finished sorting our cups and containers of loose change - $127.50 in silver and a heck of a lot of pennies which we didn't roll. We're going to use them to open up Will's first bank account once we get his SSN. The container we have it in must weigh 50lbs.

No changes at the moment. The baby has dropped a little more but Kirky is still bending over, cleaning, bustling around and busy. We're off to get some ice cream on this hot, hot 80 degree day with some of the money we just found.

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