May 18, 2004

Almost Time: Hiccuping and Squirming

It's almost time.

Last night I got to feel my son hiccuping for several minutes. This means he's drinking the amniotic fluid and its filling up his tummy, which hits his diaphragm and causes hiccups. Very cute - it feels like Kirky has a very strong heartbeat in her tummy.

This morning we packed up the car. All of our bags and snacks and pillows are now ready in case it should be time. I took a picture of the carseat which I will post later, as well as Kirky in her maternity shirt looking lovely.

We found out that Kirky is 1cm dialated - this is pre-pre-labor. She also had a non-stress test which she passed with flying colors. She basically is monitored for the baby's movements. I'll spare you the details but basically it means that her body is in the beginning stages of labor which could last until the contractions start getting noticable tonight, tommorow to Thursday - the due date. I will post regular updates but suffice it to say we're well on our way and with any luck, we'll have a bright, beautful, brand-new baby boy by sometime Thursday!

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Will has excellent timing. :)

Posted by: Kristin at May 19, 2004 07:07 PM