May 20, 2004

Disappointing day but looking up

Today's visit to the Dr. was a bit disappointing. All the while Kirky's doctor said that if the baby didn't arrive by today (the due date), she'd induce her tomorrow. Well, in 2 days Kirky was 1cm to 1.5cm so the doctor said she'd wait. Unfortunately, the doctor is not on until next SAT - a week and a day from tomorrow!

Kirky had always figured that we'd have the baby by this weekend regardless so she was crushed. We had been trying several natural means to induce her but nothing was working as fast. So we decided to do a bit more research and try something new.

I'm happy to say that, for the moment, Kirky's cramps (read: predromal contractions), are about 8min apart. My mother, (an OBGYN herself), says that we don't have to worry until they get about 5min apart and "a little more intense". Well, Kirky has an INCREDIBLE pain tolerance so we're going with time measurements. Once they're 5min apart, it could last like this for another 12 - 18hrs. So the key is about 2-3min apart and pretty intense, labor has started.

So we could have another whole day of this at least and things could slow down. We'll keep you all posted.

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