May 25, 2004

We're Home

Actually, we've been home for a little less than 24hrs. The first night went well and I even think I'm finally caught up on sleep. We had a feeding from 10pm - 11pm, another from 1am - 2am and another from 6am - 7am. He's doing relatively well for only being 3 days old but still is having some problems with feeding. We're working on that.

He doesn't cry much at all so far, (knock on wood), except during changing - he HATES to be cold - and when he's getting frustrated trying to get properly positioned during eating time. Other than that he's quiet and sleeps great - especially on a full tummy. When he's ready to wake up he starts chirping and puckering for about 30min before so we can all wake up gradually. Feeding is definitely a tag-team experience with all involved.

Kirky's mother has continued to be a life-saver by picking up around the house as we nap and bringing fully-ready meals up to her.

So far so good - I don't think I can sleep off and on every day until 1pm but hopefully he'll figure out feeding a little better two weeks out.

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