May 28, 2004

Nessa, Nessa, Little Nessa

Our dog Sierra has been spending the last few weeks at my in-laws with Savannah - their Golden Retriever where she has 300 acres to run and play in. We're nervous about how she will handle it when she comes back as she can sometimes be high maintenence.

Anyway, with her gone - our cats have been INCREDIBLY curious - specifically our most skiddish one. The "miniature Maine Coon" we've nicknames Nessa because of her likeness of a lion, has been taking several peeks into the crib and sitting next to Kirky while she nurses.

She's up for a rude awakening once the dog gets back but for now it's quite cute.

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Kitties and babies!! Yeah!

Posted by: Amy Dennett at June 1, 2004 04:14 PM