July 12, 2004


One of the most wonderful things about having a child is watching them grow before your eyes - and at this age every day brings something new with Will. He's starting to smile here and there - and not from being tickled from passing gas! He's concentrating on objects & patterns more - his daddy especially likes it when he looks into his eyes. He's starting to grasp things - he accidently kicked his Whoosit up into his hands and caught it the other day.

One of the more cute things is when he's having "tummy time" and he flails his legs like a frog on his belly. Yet put your hand behind them and he slides across said belly like a seal on a waterslide. Turtles - frogs - seals....quite the menagerie.

He's growing stronger every day too. For the last month he's been able to hold up his head - he's even doing assisted standing now. Not bad for a 7 week old.

Last weekend was his first long car trip - we got back from his second late last night where we were showing him off to his Great-Grandmother & friends. Friday he takes his first plane flight as he and his mom visit family on the Left Coast.

I haven't done much with our video camera but as soon as I figure out how to "dump" the video, I'll stick some clips online.

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