May 25, 2005

First Birthday Pictures, LiveJournal

Will's first birthday party was this weekend and his Aunt Melissa was the first to get her pictures up. I'm a bit behind due to his Uncle Jon getting married this weekend but will catch up soon.

I also wanted to point out that Will has his own LiveJournal (LJ) account that this Weblog crossposts to. The same company that made the software used to post to this site also made LiveJournal, and LiveJournal has some great "filter" features to allow only certain people or "friends" to see certain posts. We may use this feature in the future to post some of the pictures we're saving to blackmail him with on his Prom night.

If you're an LJ user, add him to your friends list as well as his Mom and Dad. Then let us know and we'll add you back.

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Just playing around and thought I would look up the name DeLong and found your . Glad looking boy you have as well as you all ..... of course the name is DeLong . V.E. DeLong (USA-RET.)

Posted by: Vaughn E. DeLong at June 3, 2005 10:10 PM