June 23, 2004

A Growing Boy

Hard to believe this kid is only just over one month old. Well, he had his checkup today and is doing well. He's now 8lbs, 9oz - almost a pound more than what he was a month ago. He's still as good as ever and is (mostly) letting his mom sleep through the night. (That last post, BTW, was Kirky's first blog post ever).

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June 22, 2004

Anniversary & Father's day

It has been a great weekend with lots to celbrate! It was our fifth anniversary, William is a month old, and it was Ben's first father's day! Thanks to my parents, William's first baby sitter, Ben and I had a wonderful afternoon at the movies, seeing what else but "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban".

Will is growing and changing very fast. He now has the cutiest smile and is beginning to look at items and reach for them. He still gets the hiccups and sneezes often. It is amazing how stong he has gotten; Will hold his head up and looks around alot and with help he can "scootch" forward on his stomach.

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June 09, 2004

Getting Settled

All is going well here at Chez DeLong - I thought I'd post an update while we're waiting for Kirky's home laptop to get back up and running. Will is trying to figure out his feeding/sleeping schedule - on Monday he was fussy for most of Monday night - Tuesday morning though he slept off-and-on throughout the day. Last night, we tried to keep him awake through baby-play from 5-9 just keeping his tummy satisfied and then gave him a big feeding just before bed. That seemed to do the trick and we got a lot more sleep than normal.

His attention span is expectedly short - he can only be in a particular position for a short amount of time. For instance, during last night's play session we had him on his tummy on a blanket on the floor for about 5 minutes, then into my arms, then in his crib, then in his swing, and finally his bouncer before going back to Kirky. This is when he's awake and alert, of course.

I'm really surprised at how active he is for only being 2wks, 4 days. He's lifting his head up, staring at objects, moving around like a wiggle worm and even grabbing at things like his pacifier.

He's back up to his birth weight and is a health, happy kid. We're very, very lucky.

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