September 28, 2004

The 4 Month Mark

My, my - how time flies. Will is growing like a weed. His face is "chubbing" out, as I like to call it and according to several people, (including his mother and Nana), he is beginning to look like me. I'll let you decide.

Let's see - he's almost sitting on his own, now. As you'll see he spends a lot of time in his saucer, which requires him to sit-stand. He's got this incredibly infectious giggle-screech that I try my hardest to ellicit on a regular basis - mostly exploiting the fact that he's now ticklish. He's begun to "talk" in that baby "I like to hear the modulations of my own voice dragged out as long as possible" which he's also started doing at random times between 2am and 4am. At least he's happy when he's doing this kind of talking.

His reasons for getting fussy, (or frankly ripped, as it sometimes happens), are still mostly the same but unfortunately the only cries I can identify are "tired-fussy" and "pissed-angry". I haven't grasped the intricacies of the "hungry" or "bored-in-this-position" cries yet.

He's still eating on average every three hours, which is a bit frustrating. Though a coworker whose child just hit the 6 month mark said his boy slept through the night for the first time last night - after a jar of baby food.

He's VERY close to rolling over on his own. If he'll just lift his arm on the side he's rolling over onto so he can do a clean roll, he'd be fine. Almost there.

And now, the goodies:

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September 09, 2004

More Pictures - Smiles Galore!

Well gosh....another month. Will is filling out fast. Cute cheeks, great smile - and he's standing. Well, not entirely - let go and goes all stiff and leans all over the place. Still - he's making remarkable progress. His reflexes are strong - everything is going to the mouth these days. All in all he's a great kid. He only gets cranky when he's REALLY hungry, overtired, (i.e. we missed his "Sleep signs"), or in pain (*sigh*.....gas). Other than that, he's happy ALL THE TIME as the below pictures attest:

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